RePortal Assign Disciplines code Instructions

RePortal Assign Discipline codes Instructions (PDF 496KB)

Tools, Rules and Resources for ERA 2015

The ERA 2015 Submission Guidelines and Technical Specifications are now available on the Australian Research Council (ARC) website.

ERA 2015 Submission Journal List (XLSX 2MB) - Please note the ERA 2015 Submission Journal list, as supplied by the ARC, is for use by Flinders University staff members only for the sole purpose of the ERA 2015 submission process and is not for external distribution.

A FAN and password is required to view this document.


ERA 2015 Information Sessions

Two information sessions were held on Thursday 7 August 2014. These information sessions provided a better understanding of the university’s strategy and what was required from researchers throughout the ERA 2015 process.

ERA 2015 Presentation - 7 August 2014 (PDF 2MB)

The Presentations were recorded and are available for viewing here. Please note a FAN and password are required to view these Presentations.


ARC ERA Web Resources

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has made available a number of resources on their website.


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