What is a certification form and why do I need one?

The certification ('cert') form is used to obtain the required approvals before an application can be submitted for funding on behalf of the University. It covers:

  • Workload commitments, funding and resources – approved by the relevant Dean (Research); and
  • Infrastructure levy exemptions – approved by the relevant Executive Dean & Vice President or delegate.

It captures and records the following:

  • Research activity of grant personnel later used for government reporting and University research statistics and performance processes; and
  • The involvement of University personnel listed on the application and their agreement to adhere to the funder terms and conditions, the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research and all related University research policies.


When is a certification form required?

Applicants seeking external grant funding are required to submit a certification form to Research Development and Support (RDS) team by the internal submission deadline for their grant application.


Pilot Project - Automated certification process

A pilot is underway to test a new simplified and automated research certification process in the colleges of:

  • Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
  • Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Science and Engineering

This pilot includes a simplified online form and an automated approval workflow (eliminating the need for physical or digital signatures), online tracking and reporting.

If you are a member of these colleges and require research project certification, please access the new research certification form on FlindersPro.

NOTE: All other colleges, continue using the Flinders certification form which can be accessed below.

Your College Research Support team is available for support. You can also access information on how to use FlindersPro and the new Research project certification process or download from this link:  FlindersPro - Research project certification request - User Guide (PDF 448KB)


Flinders University Certification Form

To fill in the cert form, first download it here Flinders University Certification Form (PDF 440KB) .  Always re-download the form from here each time you need to fill in the form.

NOTE: there are different processess if you are accessing the form from a computer signed in to the Flinders University network or from a computer on an external network.

University Computer Network Use

The following instructions will guide you through the process of applying your digital signature to a PDF form for the first time:

  1. Click on a signature field within the form (all signature fields contain an illustration of a red ‘signing tab’). This will open a window in which you should select the option to ‘Create new digital ID file’.
  2. You will then be prompted to select the type of file you would like to create. We recommend that you create a ‘PKCS#12 digital ID file’, as this will allow you to choose where you would like to save your signature. Both personal folders or your desktop are suitable locations, however you may also wish to save a copy to a USB drive or external hard drive for use on remote, non-Flinders networked PCs.
  3. Once you have chosen which file type you would like to create, you should enter your personal details before moving to the next screen.
  4. Here you will need to enter a password and select the location to which you would like to save the file.

Once the file has been saved, applying your digital signature is as simple as clicking on the signature block and entering your password.


Non-University (external) Computer Network Use

If you are working from a computer that is not connected to the Flinders University network, you should:

  1. Download the PDF version above
  2. Fill it in.
  3. Print it and hand sign it.
  4. Scan and email it to your College office.



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