All external research grant applications submitted by Flinders University staff must be submitted through Research Development and Support.


Research Development and Support:

  • Coordinates the compliance review, administration and submission of all external grant applications submitted in accordance with internal deadlines; and
  • liaises with funding agencies to ensure that researchers have accurate information regarding grant funding rules and requirements.

Sourcing Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities for Flinders researchers can be sourced using

See the Funding Sources webpage for more information.

Infrastructure Levy, Budget and Tax Considerations

When preparing an application budget, please follow the funding agency’s application guidelines as to what type of spend is or is not permitted under that scheme, and also note any limits on individual budget lines, (such as ‘equipment’ or ‘personnel’) and the maximum that can be applied for. Useful links:


Internal submission deadlines and RDS Compliance Review

1. Non ARC/NHMRC applications

The RDS internal deadline for receipt of non-ARC/NHMRC grant applications is 10 working days prior to the deadline for submission to the external funding agency unless otherwise specified.

Please note that we require a submission-ready or final draft application for review at this 10 day point. 

2. ARC/NHMRC applications

Earlier internal deadlines are set for ARC and NHMRC funding rounds to accommodate the large volume of applications. Notification of scheme specific review deadlines will be made when schemes announcements are made. See the ARC or NHMRC webpages for internal deadline dates for ARC and NHMRC schemes.

3. Restricted Submission Schemes

Where funders only permit a certain number of applications to be submitted per University, the DVCR will make the decision regarding the final application(s) to be submitted by Flinders, in consultation with the relevant Colleges as required. In such cases the RDS will advise applicants of the process involved.

RDS Compliance Review

The RDS application review is fundamentally a compliance check against the submission requirements and funding rules. We will check your application to ensure:

  • Your application meets funder eligibility requirements
  • Your budget is within the maximum limits allowed
  • You have supplied all the required information
  • You have complied with word limits, font size, and other layout requirements


To receive a full compliance review, your full application must be submitted by the internal review date. Applications received later than this will only receive a full compliance review if time permits. “Last minute” applications, i.e. those received 0-2 days before the external deadline, will generally not be checked and will be submitted without a compliance review “as is”.


Application Documents required by the RDS

Applicants are required to submit the following documentation to the Research Development and Support, by the internal submission deadline for their grant application:

  • Completed review-ready grant application, including any required supporting documentation;
  • Completed and fully signed Flinders University Certification Form;
  • If the application involves a co-investment element, a completed and fully signed Co-Investment form; and
  • Any other scheme specific information, e.g. letters of support

Submission Contacts

ARC Applications:

NHMRC Applications:

All Other Applications:

Further contact information available on the RDS Who we are page.



Postgraduate Students


Externally funded postgraduate grant applications should be directed to the RDS for compliance review and submission where:

  • they specifically require submission by the University
  • they require University sign-off
  • they relate to  grant awards to academic staff

Post Graduate students from the College of Science and Engineering should refer to the document on the following page for the specific process to follow: FSE Post-Graduate Student Funding Applications - Information.


Where externally funded postgraduate grants are required to be administered via the student’s host institution, the grant award paperwork should be directed to the RDS, along with a Certification Form for acceptance and administration by the University on your behalf. Please liaise with your academic supervisor and College Office as required.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate enquiries relation to travel or vacation grants should be addressed to Student Finance in the first instance.



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