The Secret Life of White Sharks Drive FAST for a Cleaner Future

Recent research has shown that the residency and fine-scale swimming behaviour of white shark can be affected by cage-diving tourism. However, it is still unknown whether those changes are positively, neutrally, or negatively impacting white sharks at an individual or population level. The aim of our project is to understand the behaviour of white sharks at the Neptune Islands in relation to natural predation/feeding and the cage-diving industry.

FUNDED: $20,360 of the requested $20,300 for the project was funded by the deadline.

Are solar cars one way ahead for the future? Researchers at Flinders, in the Flinders Automotive Solar Team (FAST), are looking to answer this question. They are aiming to build a road registered family car to compete in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October. In order to see if it is possible for a family car to be powered effectively by solar power, of which there is an abundance of in Australia, the team are asking for assistance to purchase equipment to help in building the car. 

To contribute, visit the FAST team’s crowdfunding site at Pozible.