Round Status: OPEN in RMS for continuous submission and assessment of proposals

For Funding Rules, application instructions and forms for this scheme, please visit the ARC website.


Critical Dates

Key Activities Dates
RSO Compliance Review: Draft Application, Flinders  University  Certification Form & ARC Certification Forms 4 weeks prior to intended date of submission to ARC
Rejoinders Approximately 8 weeks from the proposal submission date
Proposals close in RMS 19 December 2017



College Support

Review of draft applications may be available at College. Please contact your Dean (Research) or College research administration staff (details below).


RSO Compliance Review: 4 weeks prior to intended submission date

Research Services Office requires a complete application for compliance review. Please email arc@flinders.edu.au when your application is ready for review and attach all ARC Certification forms from external CIs, PIs and their organisations. Please clearly separately attach and label each certification form.

The RSO will review all applications submitted to ensure they meet all eligibility and compliance criteria.


RMS (ARC online grant application system)

All applications are submitted to the ARC via the RMS.

An RMS account is required for all Chief Investigators (CIs) and Partner Investigators (PIs).

Instructions for using RMS are available here.

To access RMS click on the link in the top right hand corner of the ARC website: ARC page.


RSO Resources

For more detailed information on the RSO’s resources, please see this page.




Research Services Office


Maya Roberts, Senior Grants Officer (8201 7698)



Business, Government and Law – Mrs Michele Lang (8201 2715)

Education, Psychology and Social Work - TBA

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences – Mr Narmon Tulsi (8201 2868)

Medicine and Public Health - health.research@flinders.edu.au

Nursing and Health Sciences – nhs.research@flinders.edu.au

Science and Engineering – fse.research@flinders.edu.au