About the Washington Internship Program

Would you like to work in the US Congress for seven weeks?

Since 2000, the American Studies Department has sent 89 students on a unique program which provides a 7-week placement in the US Congress. Students work full-time in the office of a member of the United States Senate or the US House of Representatives. The program provides an opportunity, unparalleled in Australasia, to experience political life in Washington DC.

Students who participate in this program return with a unique appreciation of the workings of the American political system. While in Washington they develop a research project which will be the basis for their assessment in this Internship which is a University topic.

Students who complete the placement will receive 9 units of third year level work. The Washington Internship Program is counted towards a major in American Studies, International Relations and Politics.

Read more about the experiences of 2011 Intern, Tom Schinckel (PDF 611KB)

Interns get a front row seat at US democracy

Interns attended an Australian Embassy reception held in their honour.


Eleanor Kellett The wonders of Washington - American Studies student Eleanor Kellett reports from Capitol Hill where she is taking part in Flinders University’s Washington Internship Program.




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