ConCom is a committee consisting of Flinders Business School staff and an equal number of student representatives who are enrolled in a subject offered by the Flinders Business School. The purpose is to provide a forum at which students can voice their concerns about matters which affect them, such as: course content, teaching methods, student workloads, examination arrangements and marking policies, physical facilities. ConCom meetings are normally held once or twice a semester.

Students may nominate themselves or someone else by filling in a ConCom nomination form (PDF - 36kb). Forms are also available from the ConCom coordinator (Maz Demosthenous, Room 3.59 Law/Commerce) or school administrative assistants.

ConCom is an excellent opportunity to become involved in, and contribute to, the way the university functions. Potential employers often ask if candidates have been involved in any extracurricular activities at university and ConCom members can elaborate on how they made a difference to the student experience by being involved in ConCom.

ConCom student representatives (2013)

Coming up in first half of semester 1

Minutes from ConCom meetings

14 May, 2010 (PDF 23KB)
3 Sept., 2010 (PDF  165 KB)
29 April, 2011 (PDF 290 KB)
2 Sept,. 2011 (PDF 119 KB)
26 April, 2012 (PDF 110 KB)
30 August, 2012 (PDF 256 KB)