What is FBS Connect?

FBS Connect is a mentoring program designed to help you as a new student settle into your studies with Flinders Business. It aims to make you feel comfortable and confident about your new environment.

It also aims to encourage you to be proactive and disciplined in managing your time so that you are successful in your studies. After all, you have a much greater independence at university than you did in high school.

The Flinders Business mentoring team

FBS Connect provides you in your first semester:

  • with a mentor
  • an initial orientation tour by your mentor
  • regular meetings in a group with your mentor to review recent activities and discuss any issues or problems you may be experiencing.

Our mentors

Our mentors are students with a year or more of study behind them who have expressed an interest in mentoring and who have been selected by Flinders Business staff. They are keen to help new students settle in.

Some benefits our student mentors can provide to mentees are:

  • sharing a senior student's knowledge of adapting to campus life
  • mentoring of your study skills, including strategies adopted by our senior students for completion of assessment tasks and successful learning
  • help and advice for study issues including topic selection
  • learning the skills of time management

Do you want to be a mentor?

Do you wish to be considered for the role of mentor in the FBS Connect team? Then for futher information please contact:

Rosie Coppin
Mentor Coordinator
Phone: (08) 8201 2361