Work Integrated Learning

Industry placements and projects

What is Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is the umbrella term used to describe industry placement, internships and industry projects. Flinders University is committed to preparing our graduates for lifelong careers with a plan for work integrated learning opportunities as an explicit feature of all undergraduate courses. 

Work Integrated Learning in Flinders Business

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) at the Flinders Business is designed to give all undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to gain experiences that may help guide career choices, enhance professional identity and employability, and put theory into practice. Flinders Business is committed to providing student-centred, innovative, high quality learning experiences and views a work related experience as an essential form of learning.

WIL opportunities are offered to students where appropriate placements and projects are identified and where student’s knowledge and ability matches the placement criteria. Students are prepared for their placement, enter into an Industry Placement Agreement; and they are supervised in the workplace. Flinders Business is committed to connecting with industry partners and maintaining close relationships with community. For host organisations, taking part in a student placement or project offers benefits that go well beyond providing a foundation for tomorrow’s professionals. It can assist your heavily committed teams; allow you to assess potential employees; contribute to your community engagement goals; and foster a long term research collaboration with the University.

Student placement success stories

“My work integrated learning placement solidified my interest in marketing. It was interesting working with both the digital marketing and event coordinating teams. My studies of social media marketing (3rdyear) were particularly relevant when brainstorming and creating content for Business SA’s various social media platforms. I had an excellent experience at Business SA; I felt included as part of the marketing team and my mentors were not only extremely friendly people, they also made it very easy for me to assimilate, ask questions and feel confident enough to make suggestions, I felt very valued.”

Eleanor Bridges, Marketing student (Advanced Leadership), completed her work integrated learning placement at Business SA


“I am really enjoying the work I have been tasked to complete as a part of my work integrated learning placement, the workplace itself is inviting and a great environment, and I have a great mentor. I have been lucky enough to become a part of the Board for the Here For Good Foundation responsible for the Sales and Marketing portfolio. This is an amazing opportunity I gained through my work integrated learning placement and I am excited and privileged to be part of such an innovative Foundation for the next 2 years. Easily the best choice I have made in my career!”

Tiah Brooks, Industry Placement Student in the Here For Good Foundation

  "My placement at SA Water was truly a highlight of my degree and it exceeded all my expectations. I was able to put into practice the theory that I had learnt and understand the workplace from a different perspective. The incredible team that I worked with made me feel like I was one of them even though I was only there for a short time. The personal connections that I have gained while working at SA water are essential for networking and future career building opportunities.”

Shannon McAvoy, Flinders Human Resource Management student, work integrated learning placement at SA Water
  “Before my placement I lacked confidence and experienced some cultural barriers in Australia. My placement gave me an opportunity to challenge myself; every day I had a new experience or challenge to overcome. It was a wonderful Australian cultural experience, I have improved my English language skills, I am more confident and I no longer feel like an outsider.”

Yuan Yao (Eddie), Flinders MBA student, work integrated learning placement at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Sanctuary
  “My work integrated learning placement was helpful for me because I learnt many new skills such as team skills, communication skills and computer skills. I feel more positive about getting a job in the future in Australia because I am more comfortable with the Australian work culture. I would recommend international students take the opportunity to do a work integrated learning placement because it will help them get real work life experience and be more comfortable in Australia, not only in their studies, but also to secure a future job as well.”

Jatty Goyal, Flinders international student, Master of Accounting
  “I participated in an industry placement at Neo Infrastructure (SA). During my time at Neo I was able to put all of the theory I had learnt throughout my Marketing degree to practice in real business situations.  My placement was an extremely beneficial and rewarding exercise for me. I would highly recommend other students participate in work integrated learning to experience how you can apply all that you are learning throughout your degree.”

Chelsea Bowring, Flinders Marketing student, work integrated learning placement at Neo Infrastructure (SA)