New Degree for 2012

Environmental issues are at the forefront of the business world both in Australia and globally. An essential part of a business degree these days is knowledge of sustainability and related issues. Similarly, most jobs in areas of environmental compliance, sustainable development and environmental protection, require some basic business skills.

The new Flinders Bachelor of Commerce (Sustainability) draws on the skills and expertise of three areas of the University:

  • Flinders Business School
  • The School of the Environment
  • The School of Social and Policy Studies

These three areas provide the core subject areas for the degree in order to provide graduates with a sound understanding of the broader picture of sustainability within our society.

Elective subjects are available from a range of areas.

Students with a completed TAFE Diploma can complete the Bachelor of Commerce (Sustainability) in as little as 2 years!

*Subject to timetabling.

The impact of social and environmental issues on people, society and the planet is of interest and concern to governments, business, planners, developers, and policy makers. This degree was designed to provide job entrants that have broad understanding of the social and political context, as well as the business and technical skills, required for future careers in sustainability.

Topics covered in the degree include environmental politics, environmental economics, sustainable resource management, corporate sustainability and a range of electives.

The degree is staffed by leading experts in the area Dr Philip Lawn, from Flinders Business School has published over 60 articles, books and chapters on sustainable development and cological economics.
Professor Iain Hay, from the School of the Environment, is author or editor of ten books including Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography; is General Editor of Springer's new 'International Handbooks of Human Geography' series; and has had editorial roles with journals that include Applied Geography, Ethics, Place and Environment and Social and Cultural Geography. He also won the 2006 Prime Minister's Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year.
Associate Professor Haydon Manning, from the School of Social and Policy Studies, is a well known political commentator, with expertise in environmental politics, specifically nuclear power debates and renewable energy options - politics of energy policy debate and conflict of interests involved in these debates; The Australian Greens, policy, ideology and organisational structure and history.


For more information:

Rod Nankivell
Student Program Advisor