Pankaj Jagota - Research Exchange student from Università di Roma “La Sapienza”

Pankaj tells us about his experiences at our School -

"As an exchange international student, I had an amazing experience at the Flinders Business School. Under the supervision of Associate Prof. Sarath Delpachitra, I have developed consistently my research methodological skills and thanks to him that I had the great opportunity to participate in various seminars and discussions which boosted my confidence level. I also really appreciate all the efforts of other academics and teachers, especially Prof. Sarath, to make international exchange students like myself, feel more comfortable and welcomed so we can perform to the best of our abilities and settle in well. I have learned a great deal and the opportunity has enriched myself especially in the areas of academic and personal development in such a wonderful, multi-cultural and more friendly learning environment. Spending a bit of my study journey, in one of the Australia’s top universities like Flinders University, is such a remarkable experience of my life."

Pankaj (centre) with FBS Exchange Programme Coordinator Anne Gleeson and supervisor Assoc. Prof. Sarath Delpachitra