Research program: International business in Asia

Max Smith

Max Smith is one of Flinders Business School's international business team.  His primary teaching, delivered in both Australia and China, is in the topics International Business Environment and International Marketing.   He is a member of the Academy of International Business; the Australian and New Zealand International Business Academy; the Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development; and the Academy of Marketing Science.  He is also a Board Member of the Exporters' Club Onkaparinga, an export association established in southern Adelaide.

Research activity: Psychic distance in the middle kingdom: A comparison of Chinese and Australian business people

Doctoral program at the School of Management, La Trobe University.

Psychic distance relates to the mental distance, as distinct from actual distance, business people hold to a foreign market.  After critically analysing the extant literature related to the psychic distance concept and instruments used to measure psychic distance in the past, substantial research gaps are identified by this study.  In order to address these gaps this project proposes a new conceptual framework of psychic distance, an improved definition, and an improved method of capturing the construct.  Cross-national comparisons of samples from Australia and China will be used to test the proposed conceptual framework as well as address a number of uninvestigated assumptions associated with psychic distance.  The study will also extend the scope of psychic distance studies, obtain estimates of national psychic distance that have not been produced in the past and provide a reference point for future studies.


Professor Peter Dowling and Dr Peter Lamb of La Trobe University; Professor Elizabeth Rose of Aalto University, Finland.


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