Staff research

Flinders Business School staff members undertake a variety of research in many areas of business, including Accounting, Finance, Economics, International Business, Tax, Marketing, Management, E-Commerce and Human Resources.  The School has a particular research focus on the related issues of social, economic and environmental responsibility and runs two major research groups, as well as supporting individual researchers.

Social Responsibility, Ethics and Environment

The Social Responsibility research group focuses on the ethical and responsible activities of business entities and their interaction with society, with a particular emphasis on NGOs. It includes research on social accounting, corporate philanthropy, corporate responsibility, and business ethics. Environmental research in FBS is undertaken by two International leaders in their respective fields. Their research investigates the interaction between institutions (business, government, NGOs) and the natural environment. It covers the complementary areas of environmental accounting, sustainability, and of ecological economics which incorporates analysis of the interdependence of social, economic and ecological systems.


Accelerator Research Groups (ARGs)

These research groups are seed funded by the School and are led by senior researchers in the School and their membership includes staff and HDR students. The particular focus of these groups is their cross-disciplinary  nature and their development of emerging scholars.

Managing in the Professions

Assoc. Prof. Greg Fisher

 Other Research Clusters

In addition to these clusters, individual staff members are engaged in a number of research projects. Some recent and ongoing projects include:

  • Economics
    Professor John McDonald has undertaken a long term project designed to develop and apply methods for assessing productive efficiency. Read more.
  • International Business
    Max Smith is presently undertaking a PhD in international business, investigating the psychic distance of Chinese and Australian business people, and is also carrying out research on the internationalisation of Chinese firms.  His other research interests include international business negotiations and family business management and development. Read more.
  • Management
    Find out about our Accelerator Research Group - Managing in the Professions, convened by Associate Professor Greg Fisher. Read more.
  • Taxation
    Dr Paul Kenny has developed a strong research program around taxation reform, GST, and teaching tax. In respect of recent tax reform, Paul has examined aspects of the 1999 review of business taxation reforms. Read more.