Seminar series 2016

Where: Room 3.18, Law and Commerce building

When: Wednesdays at 1:00 pm - 2:00pm, unless otherwise stated

Who can come: All welcome!

Convenor and contact: Dr Greg Fisher

Seminar date

Seminar name and presenter

 14 September

Mr Graeme Payne (PhD candidate)

Home support workers and consumer directed care. Who cares?  

 7 September

Dr Thanh Le

Renewable or non-renewable resources: Which generate more growth from R&D?

 17 August

Dr Wee Ching Pok

Separation of cash flow rights and control rights and debt in Malaysian family-owned firms

 10 August

 Dr Ashok Manoharan

New insights on diversity management practices and organisational climate in the context of the Australian hospitality industry

 3 August

Dr Ivan Obaydin

Anti-takeover provisions and the market for corporate control

25 May

Dr Pi-Shen Seet, Dr Jane Jones and Mr Tim Acker

Meaningful careers: Employment decisions among indigenous art centre workers in remote Australia

11 May

Ms Valerie Caines

The antecedents of self-employment for older Australians

27 April

Dr Vipul Pare

Deconstructing Brand Constructs

30 March

Dr Jo Earl

Applying time perspective to improve retirement planning

23 March

Dr Lara Stocchi

Why familiar brands are sometimes harder to remember

16 March

Dr Yen Bui

Australian Superannuation Performance

10 March

LWCM 2.18
3:30pm - 4:30pm

Professor Robert Faff

Pitching research to an academic expert: A difficult task made easier

Professor of Finance and Director of Research at the University of Queensland Business School

9 March

Moot Court, LWCM 0.03

Dr Greg Fisher

Career issues of skilled migrants of Chinese descent: An exploratory study of views of professional bodies

Presenters are from Flinders Business School unless otherwise indicated.