Flinders Business School is a good place to come and study. Graduates consistently rate the School highly for its excellent teaching and friendly environment and our degrees are highly valued by the business community.

Quality teaching 

We are able to provide quality teaching by supplementing undergraduate lectures with small-group tutorials and workshops, allowing staff to get to know their students by name and provide high levels of interaction and personal attention. If you are a first year student, you will receive support in the form of additional tutorials and drop-in centres where one-on-one help is available to keep you on-track with your studies.


Furthermore, our degrees have been designed with your future career prospects very much in mind. Thus, each degree has both compulsory components (for skills and knowledge that employers require) and an element of choice (to enable you to strengthen your preferred areas of knowledge). This ensures that you gain the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to build a successful business career, while also giving you the opportunity to pursue studies in areas of particular interest to you.


Finally, the environment in which we are located is an added incentive. The campus is in the foothills of Adelaide and stands on spacious and scenic grounds peppered with gum trees and containing a lake, large grassed areas and even a running-trail through a forest of pines. The Flinders Business School building in turn is located on the higher side of the campus and takes advantage of City and ocean views. Staff and students feel healthier in this environment as a result of the fresh air, undulating grounds and atmospheric surroundings.