Center for United States and Asia Policy Studies

CUSAPS is an internationally regarded source of high quality, accessible research on policy issues between Australia, the US and Asia, offering uniquely integrated perspectives on the respective players in the Asia Pacific.

The Centre's five principal areas of policy concern:

  • Asia’s changing strategic landscape.
  • Australian and US security and defence policy and its links to other US allies in the region.
  • Australia’s economic relationships with Asia and the United States in the areas of trade, development, investment, and the development of treaty arrangements (as in the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement, the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership).
  • Issues related to national and transnational governance, politics and political processes relevant to the region.
  • Specific policy analysis with focus on energy, water, pollution, and other environmental issues of relevance to the region.
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U.S. Election 2016: The Revenge of Retail Politics

Article by Flinders University PhD Candidate and former Washington Internship student, Jesse Barker Gale: The Revenge of Retail Politics Candidates are on their way to spending an astonishing $5...

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