The Centre for Development Studies offers programs at the undergraduate, honours and postgraduate levels.

Development Studies may be taken as a major sequence in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of International Studies. The topics are also available as elective in other major sequences across the University. The BA major sequence in Development Studies aims to introduce students to development issues and show how it is possible to focus on these issues through a number of disciplinary windows: Asian Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Latin American Studies, Politics, Sociology, etc. The core topics in the major sequence bring together ideas and insights from the various disciplines and establish a common ground. See also major sequence Development Studies for information about the course structure.

An undergraduate program in Development Studies is available.

The honours program is designed to provide students with an opportunity for deeper and more specialised study of social, political, cultural, geographical and/or economic aspects of development. Honours is a gateway to higher degrees and is also the entry point of training to become an academic. More generally, it enhances the student's personal development in a more challenging and less structured environment and is likely to improve chances of employment in development or related fields.The postgraduate programs aim to provide students with a sound understanding and appreciation of the principal theoretical and empirical issues in the field of international development. The programs are international in scope, and explore a range of development policy area, including gender, environment, urbanisation, and population.
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