There are some attractive opportunities available to students who want to gain some international experience which counts towards their Development Studies undergraduate major or graduate program.

Opportunities for undergraduate students

ACICIS Development Studies Immersion Program - a full semester in Yogjakarta (Indonesia).

Further details about undergraduate student opportunites.

Opportunities for graduate students

ACICIS Development Studies Professional Practicum - a 6 week intensive summer school in Jakarta (Indonesia).

Further details about graduate student opportunities.

DSPP participants 2010: Hannah Skehan, Alex Hargrave & Rachel Creek

All of the 2010 participants judged the DSPP 'excellent'.

Their comments:
"The most enjoyable, interesting, challenging and rewarding way
of spending your summer break."
"Incredible, mind opening and perspective transforming;
such an insightful opportunity for cultural immersion and
educational development."
"An important experience for anyone toying
with ideas of working in an international environment."


INU student seminar and INU intensive summer school on Global Citizenship (August)

The International Network of Universities (INU) will host both the INU Student Seminar and INU Summer School in Hiroshima Japan. Flinders is a strategic member of this network.

INU Student Seminar, hosted at Hiroshima University, aims to allow students from the INU universities to learn about the concept of global citizenship, and specifically humanitarian intervention, through discussions, workshops and cultural activities. For further details contact 

Masters Summer School on Global Citizenship was held in Hiroshima in 2011. This program aims to allow students at master level from the INU universities to explore the theoretical and practical dimensions of the concept of global citizenship, by investigating the political, ethical, legal and economic implications. It also aims to develop a critical appreciation on a range of issues – human rights, migration, security, humanitarian intervention and gender, and encourage a deeper understanding of the concept of global citizenship. For further details contact

INU student seminar participants 2009
Pictured from L-R: Maria Dominika Meo Maghi, Yasuyu Shomomura, A/P Andrew O'Neill [Convenor], Ema Muliatera