1. Non-governmental aid organisations: you can work in 'Third World' countries on development projects, or in "Western" countries running campaigns, lobbying, raising money, and development education. For example see: Oxfam and Amnesty International.
  2. International development institutions: you can work for international organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank.
  3. Government policy: You can work in the public service at all levels developing policy and programs concerning development and aid. For example see: AusAid.
  4. University research: You can continue studying in the university doing postgraduate research, or work as an academic teaching and researching in development studies. For example see: Centre for Development Studies and the National Centre for Development Studies.
  5. Consultancy: You can work as a kind of free-lance 'expert' for various organisations on various projects. For example see: SAGRIC International.