Have a look at the range of courses in which Asian Studies features and topics we teach.

In-country study

Many of our students undertake periods of study at universities in Asia as part of their Flinders degree.

An excellent way to study is through the Australian Consortium for In-Country Indonesian Study (ACICIS), which offers programs in International Studies, Journalism, Development Studies, and Indonesian language. Visit ACICIS to find out more.

You may also be interested in Flinders' application advice on studying abroad and exchange places.


Interested in honours? An honours program value-adds to your undergraduate degree, and gives you the opportunity to undertake research on topics that are of special interest to you.

Our honours coordinator - Priyambudi Sulistiyanto - can provide specific information for Asian Studies students.

As a guide, some past Asian Studies student honours thesis topics have been -

  • Heather Earl, 2009, 'It's as though I've just moved from one village to another': The social life of Indonesian university students in Australia. Expectations, strategies, and levels of satisfaction (Seperti pindah kampung saja: Kehidupan sosial mahasiswa pasca arjana Indonesia di Australia: Ekspektasi, strategi dan tingkat kepuasan.)
  • Jamilla Lamaya, 2009, Australian-Indonesian Muslims: Generation Y negotiating their Muslim identities.
  • Anthony Loader, 2008, Northeast Thailand: History, resistance, and emerging political force.
  • Natalie Widdall, 2006, Get in and get out! Indonesian fishing in the Australian Fishing Zone and Australian policy responses.
  • Frances Miller, 2005, Bridging the gap: Between India and her diaspora. Evaluating the role of contemporary online media within today's global Indian diaspora.
  • Sarah Smith, 2004, Collaboration, co-optation or critical engagement: A case study of NGO-Government relations in Solo, Indonesia, in the post-Suharto period.
  • Michelle Gray, 2000, Shifting language patterns in middle-class families in Malang (Pergeseran Bahasa dalam keluarga kelas menengah di Malang.)
  • Kirsty Hatch, 2000, Female labourers in Java: Exploitation or emancipation? (Buruh wanita di Pulau Jawa. Eksploitasis atau emansipasi?)