What data does the ALSA study hold?

The ALSA Study has collected data on the a number of core areas - see Summary of domains used in each wave of ALSA (DOC 180KB)

How can people access ALSA study data?

Currently, the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies is in the process of compiling an online archive of all ALSA data.  It is anticipated this archive will be online within the next few months.  To expedite this, no new data requests will be taken for the time being. For further information, please contact the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies:

Email: fcas@flinders.edu.au
Tel: 08 8201 7566

Suggested acknowledgement for ALSA data

We wish to thank the participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing, who have given their time over many years, and without whom the present study would not have been possible. The ALSA was supported by grants from the South Australian Health Commission, the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund, the US National Institute on Aging (Grant No. AG 08523–02), the Office for the Ageing (SA), Elderly Citizens Homes (SA), The National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC 22922), the Premiers Science Research Fund (SA) and the Australian Research Council (DP0879152; DP130100428). The authors gratefully acknowledge the work of the project team at the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies, Flinders University who carried out the ALSA and provided data for this paper.