What data does the ALSA study hold?

The ALSA Study has collected data on the a number of core areas - see Summary of domains used in each wave of ALSA (DOC 180KB)

How can people access ALSA study data?

The ALSA study welcomes requests from people for access to the data.  Requests for data must be in writing, using the ALSA Study Data Request Form (DOC 56KB) .

Prior to making an application, people may wish to confer with a member of the study team to discuss the rationale, feasibility and appropriateness of the proposed study.  Initial enquiries should be directed to the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies:
          Email: fcas@flinders.edu.au
          Tel: 08 8201 7567

What do I need to know before I make a request for data?

  • Data request may take up to one month to be acted upon.
  • In offering ALSA data to others it is our expectation that a formal report (preferably a refereed journal article) will be used to disseminate findings. It may be appropriate to include a member of the ALSA team as an author on such outputs.
  • The ALSA data must be kept secure so that it is not accessible by anyone who does not also have authorised access to the data file.
  • The ALSA data are only to be used for statistical purposes within your area (unit, branch, division etc) in your organisation.  You do not have the authorisation to pass this data onto another individual.  If you wish to pass on the data to another collaborator, a separate “Data request” form should be completed and forwarded to the ALSA Team with a request that the addition of this collaborator to the project be considered.
  • The ALSA has the right to refuse to release data if they feel that it will be used inappropriately, on a ‘fishing’ exercise, or if the user has a conflicting agenda with the study that would jeopardise its position and programs.
  • Syntax for any computed variables must be returned to The Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies along with data files
  • As appropriate publications emanating from data requests must contain the disclaimer “The opinions expressed in this work are those of the authors and may not represent the position or policy of the ALSA team.”
  • The source of the data or the information must be referenced appropriately in any resulting publications.
  • All publications where ALSA data is reported must be reviewed by the ALSA Team.  A copy of all such publications will be held in the study’s central register of publications.
  • The ALSA team must be acknowledged on any resulting publications that are primarily based on ALSA information or data.  Acknowledgement in the form of an identifying number in the publication’s title (for central registry purposes) may be required.
  • Suggested acknowledgement

    We wish to thank the participants in the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing, who have given their time over many years, and without whom the present study would not have been possible. The ALSA was supported by grants from the South Australian Health Commission, the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund, the US National Institute on Aging (Grant No. AG 08523–02), the Office for the Ageing (SA), Elderly Citizens Homes (SA), The National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC 22922), the Premiers Science Research Fund (SA) and the Australian Research Council (DP0879152; DP130100428). The authors gratefully acknowledge the work of the project team at the Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies, Flinders University who carried out the ALSA and provided data for this paper.

  • How do I request data?

The ALSA team will require completion of an ALSA Study Data Request Form (DOC 56KB) .

Information/data request forms and accompanying documentation should be lodged either:
electronically (by email) to fcas@flinders.edu.au  or
by fax : (08) 8201 3877, or
by delivery to:
Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies
School of Psychology
GPO Box 2100
Adelaide SA 5001

Enquiries may be directed to Flinders Centre for Ageing Studies on telephone (08) 8201 7567