Professor Mary Luszcz

Dr Tim Windsor
Deputy Director/ARC Research Fellow

Ms Penny Edwards
Program Manager

Dr Kathryn Browne-Yung
Research Associate

Mrs Lesley Sommers
Research Administrative Officer

Mrs Mydair Hunter
PhD Student/Research Assistant

Ms Julia Scott
Research Assistant/Data Manager


Prof Kaarin Anstey, Adjunct Professor
Australian National University

Dr Cameron Camp, Adjunct Professor
Centre for Applied Research in Dementia

Dr Allison Bielak
Colorado State University, USA

Dr Katherine Fiori
Adelphi University, USA

Prof Dr. Denis Gerstorf
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

Dr Lynne Giles
The University of Adelaide

Dr Christiane Hoppmann
The University of British Columbia

Dr Oliver Huxhold
German Centreof Gerontolgy

Ms Linda Isherwood
NILS, Flinders University

Dr Kerry Sargent-Cox
Australian National University