Capacity development projects

The Gender Consortium is committed to fostering gender sensitive policy, planning and project implementation in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our capacity development programs and projects reflect:

  • A participatory approach where, through creative exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience, new knowledge emerges for understanding approaches to gender mainstreaming, gender analysis and women’s empowerment.
  • The need to be self-reflective in our approach to participatory development.
  • The importance of being reflexive and conscious of our own cultural practices and values.
  • An understanding that knowledge is situated and therefore development practice must be localised.
  • An awareness that bringing about change involves making a difference to both personal and organisational cross-cultural practice.

In Australia

Australia Awards Fellowships (formerly known as Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships Program)

Under the Australian Federal Government funded scheme, the Gender Consortium has conducted seven in-Australia Fellowships Programs: Enabling Social Inclusion: Gender and Disability Responsive Good Governance (2013); Building the Capacity of African Women Leaders: Gender Inclusive Development (2012); Preventing and Responding to Violence against Women in Mongolia and Vietnam (2012); Building Capacity for Gender-Sensitive Good Governance (2011); Gender and Disability Inclusive Good Governance (2010); Women’s Safety and Child Protection (2008); and Combating Human Trafficking (2007).

Fellows from Cambodia, China, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Uganda and Vietnam have participated in the above Programs.

Gender Analysis Workshops

Gender analysis workshops for the Office for Women Queensland's Government (2011); SA Health (2011 and 2010); ACT Government (2009); Northern Territory Office of Women's Policy (2009) and Western Australian Office for Women's Policy (2009).

Gender analysis workshops (2008 and 2009) in partnership with UNIFEM Australia (now UN Women Australia) for Australian national women’s NGOs and their affiliates.

In Indonesia

Public Sector Linkage Program with Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection in Indonesia (2009—2011)

This project focussed on building the capacity of the Ministry to develop an Applied Policy Research Quality Framework and build the capacity of women studies centres in gender analysis and applied policy research.

Indonesia-Australia Specialised Training Program (IASTP Phase II and III)

The Gender Consortium has designed and conducted numerous courses under the above AusAID funded scheme on a range of topics including, key performance indicators for measuring gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender budgeting, gender sensitive policy development and implementation and gender mainstreaming for participants from the Ministry for Women’s Empowerment, Indonesia and other national and provincial administrations in Indonesia.

In Samoa

To date the Gender Consortium has designed and conducted four capacity development projects (funded by AusAID and NZAID) on policy development for participants from Public Services Commission and its key stakeholders; and Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development and its key stakeholders.