Welcome to the Gender Consortium

The Gender Consortium is a group of associates who have expertise in gender and development issues. The dynamic team has a range of skills including undertaking applied policy research on gender equity, conceptualising and delivering gender analysis and gender mainstreaming leadership programs, gender responsive policy development monitoring and evaluation. The staff and associates of the Gender Consortium have worked in Australia, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Vietnam.

Gender Consortium's staff and associates

(L-R) Genevieve Chaffey, Anu Mundkur, Cara Ellickson and Peter Lumb

Our Services and Expertise

Flinders University's Gender Consortium offer consultancy services in:

  • gender analysis and gender mainstreaming capacity development
  • gender auditing
  • applied policy research on gender issues
  • gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation, and
  • gender equitable leadership training.

Our Research

The Gender Consortium undertakes a range of innovative research projects aimed at fostering gender sensitive policy, planning and project implementation in Australia, and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Examples of current and previous projects and acivities include:

  • Developing Human Resource Capacity in Vietnam: Effective Service Delivery to Combat Gender-Based Violence and Trafficking
  • Mainstreaming gender equity: best practice from the field
  • Women and security in the Asia Pacific region
  • Promoting gender equity in local government through gender audits
  • Enabling Social Inclusion: Gender and Disability Responsive Good Governance
  • Building the Capacity of African Women Leaders: Gender Inclusive Development.


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For more information about these projects, please see the Research and Capacity Development pages of this site.

In the News

The Gender Consortium's research and teaching activities are widely recognised in the community, and reported via various news and social media outlets. For example, the Developing Human Resource Capacity in Vietnam: Effective Service Delivery to Combat Gender-Based Violence and Trafficking project has generated several positive stories about the positive impact of this project.

Read and/or watch the stories below to find out further information about the Gender Consortium.

 News Reports

Vietnam Breaking News.com. 2017. "Insignias and certificates of merit presented to international experts." Newspaper editorial, February 24 (electronic article).

Flinders University. 2016. "SA program helping women and children in Vietnam." InDaily, September 12 (electronic article).

Flinders University. 2015. "Catwalk calls for disability with dignity," InDaily, December 7 (electronic article).

Social Media Videos


News story about the screening of the Inclusive Fashion Show "I am beautiful. You too!"
documentary in Adelaide. Aired on the VTV3 national breakfast morning show Cafe Sang on
24th June 2016.


News story about Hahndorf, South Australia, with disability inclusive tourism a sub-theme.
Aired on VTV3 national breakfast morning show Caf?ang on 29th June 2016.


News story about guide dogs services for people with disabilities in Australia. Aired on VTV3 national breakfast morning show Cafe Sang on 20th June 2016.


News story about the three female participants with disabilities experiencing access and inclusion in the Adelaide CBD during their Advanced Workshop training course. Aired on VTV3 national breakfast morning show Cafe Sang on July 15th 2016.


Community, Staff & Teaching Awards

SA Women's Honour Roll

Director of the Gender Consortium at Flinders University, Ms Cara Ellickson's long-standing advocacy for gender, disability and cultural inclusion in the community has earned her a place on the SA Women's Honour Roll. Read more on the Inspiring Achievers page.


Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation

The Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis has earned Australia's highest accolade for excellence in teaching.

The Gender Consortium's team (Anu Mundkur, Cara Ellickson and Corey Durward) were awarded a citation for outstanding contributions to student learning in 2011.

The citation reads: For creating innovative learning spaces which promote the critical application of knowledge to ‘real world' gender equity issues and inspire students to become change agents. ALTC Citation.

This citation follows the team's Social Sciences Faculty Award for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching (Flinders University) which was awarded for, amongst other achievements, the development of a virtual learning environment that, through exemplary use of education technology, introduces students to "real world" activities associated with work in development organisations as part of the Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis.