Current projects

Developing Human Resource Capacity in Vietnam: Effective Service Delivery to Combat Gender-Based Violence and Trafficking (Government Partnerships for Funding Development, DFAT) (2014-2017)

This project seeks to strengthen human resource capacity to effectively manage and deliver services for women and children experiencing gender-based violence in Vietnam. For further information about some of the positive stories emanating from this project, please click on the links to media reports b

Mainstreaming gender equity: best practice from the field. This research project investigates extent to which policies on gender equity are integrated into overseas aid programs, specifically capacity building programs. This is explored through a case study of a capacity building program to support national human resource development priorities in Indonesia.

Completed projects

Women and security in the Asia Pacific region (2010). The Gender Consortium collaborated with Professor Elisabeth Porter (University of South Australia), on an AusAID funded research project on Women and Security in the Asia Pacific region, focussing on the implementation of the United Nation’s Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR 1325).

Promoting gender equity in local government through gender audits (2010). The aim of this project was to modify, adapt and pilot an organisational self-assessment tool to enable city councils in Australia to better integrate gender concerns into organisational policy, programs and services.

Research interests: Gender Consortium's staff

Cara Ellickson

  • Gender equity
  • Community development
  • Gender and social policy
  • Gender policy development
  • Gender and disability

Research interests: Gender Consortium's associates

Yvonne Corcoran-Nantes

  • Gender and politics
  • Gender and international relations
  • Gender and development
  • Gender and class struggle in the third world (especially Latin America)

Peter Lumb

  • Gender and health
  • Environmental sustainability

Anuradha Mundkur

  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Women peace and security
  • Women's participation in decision-making
  • Information technology, gender and sustainable development

Rhonda Sharp

  • Gender budgeting
  • Gender studies 
  • Gender and public policy

Susanne Schech

  • Aid, international development and trade in services
  • Gender and development

Ben Wadham

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Race, gender, nation and education
  • Critical masculinity studies (scholarly distinction from masculinity or men's studies)