Welcome to Social Work

The discipline has been providing quality education for 40 years, enabling graduates to work with individuals, groups, families, communities and social welfare organisations.  

We offer study at the undergraduate level in the Bachelor of Social Work, and at the postgraduate level in the Master of Social Work. Both courses are professional social work qualifications accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). We also offer Graduate Certificates in Loss, Grief & Trauma Counselling, and Child Well-being and Protection. Supervision for the research degrees of Master of Arts (Social Work) and Doctor of Philosophy is also available.

Before considering enrolling for a BSW or MSW degree it is important to read the Inherent Requirements of the MSW and BSW.

Social justice is a core value of social work, as a discipline and profession, with the pursuit of a more just society at the heart of all our topics and specialist areas of study. Underpinning all aspects of our academic and professional endeavours is the AASW (2010) Code of Ethics.

Our mission

Our mission is to educate students in the critical analysis, implementation and evaluation of social welfare policies and services. We aim to foster imagination and lateral, flexible thinking that takes into account wider socio-cultural, economic and environmental contexts. Using a mix of methods and media, we strive to engage a wide range of students (across age, ability, gender, class, sexuality, culture and ethnicity) in ongoing processes of critical reflexivity. So while we study how other individuals, groups and societies operate, we also study ourselves, our own assumptions, beliefs and practices.

The discipline is active in community engagement as we seek to contribute to building supportive communities. Our research specialisations are diverse in terms of focus and approach, and collectively we have much experience supervising graduate students.  Our values inform our research activities, which focus on understanding and responding to social issues and needs.