Welcome to Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies provides students with a unique opportunity to focus on the study of gender relations and the position of women. Founded in 1986, it retains a commitment to academic excellence and features distinguished academic staff who are recognised leaders in their chosen field of research and teaching both in Australia and Internationally. As an interdisciplinary area engaging with feminist theory, Women's and Gender Studies focuses on Australian and international contexts to examine the role of gender in past and present society and culture. Here at Flinders the discipline also offers a particular focus on gender relations in non-western societies. Women's and Gender Studies delivers an analysis of feminist debates through a multidisciplinary curriculum infusion exploring contemporary issues through multifaceted cultural contexts and an epistemological understanding of feminism and feminists both within and across borders. Women’s and Gender Studies addresses the broad question of how gender (social definitions of femininity and masculinity) intersects with other social orders of difference (principally race, class and sexuality) to shape culture and social institutions, as well as personal identity and relationships, Women’s and Gender Studies reflects this wide scope by including social, cultural and political perspectives.