The Centre encompasses research higher degree students working on policy issues relevant to relationships between Australia, US and Asia.

At the heart of the Centre is a strong commitment to provide the best environment for researchers to come together and develop their understanding of policy issues within the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to fostering opportunities for established experts, we will mentor a new generation of researchers in this vital public policy area.


The Centre is located within the College of Business, Government and Law, Flinders University. Staff research interests include the following:


American Studies


Professor Don DeBats



  • American politics and political science
  • Comparative Australian, Canadian and American politics
  • Nineteenth century American political history
  • American intellectual history
  Dr Prudence Flowers
  • Contemporary histories of the United States, particularly abortion politics
  • Second wave feminism
  • Histories of conservatisms, and broader issues of social movement activism
  Associate Professor Greg Tobin
  • Responses to natural disaster
  • Immigration history
  • History of the trans-Mississippi west

Asian Studies

         Dr Priyambudi Sulistiyanto
  • Indonesian politics
  • Southeast Asian Studies
  • Local politics in Southeast Asia
  • Politics of reconciliation
  • Jembatan Initiative
Dr Michael Sullivan Dr Michael Sullivan
  • Chinese political economy
  • Chinese foreign and defence policies
  • Political economy of East Asia
  • International Political Economy
  Professor Michael Barr
  • Singapore history and politics
  • Malaysian history and politics
  • Religion and ethnicity in politics and nationalism.

International Relations


Dr Maryanne Kelton 


  • Alliance relations specialising in security and economy
  • Australian foreign policy
  • Regional security
  • International relations in-person simulations
  Professor Anthony Langlois  
  • Ethics
  • Human rights
  • International relations and political theory
  • Political philosophy

Development Studies 


Professor Susanne Schech


  • Aid, international development and trade in services
  • Identity constructions of refugees and migrants
  Dr Anu Mundkur
  • Women, peace and security
  • Gender and Development
  • E-governance
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) for Development


    Professor Melanie Oppenheimer
  • 20th century Australian history
  • Contemporary volunteering
  • Gender and imperialism
  • History of the Australian Red Cross
  • History of third sector and voluntary action
  • Soldier settlement
  • Women, war and volunteering
  Professor David Lockwood
  • British India
  • Effects of globalisation on national states
  • History, Indian modern
  • Indian capitalism, rise of
  • Role of the state in economic development
  • Russian and Soviet history