Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing

NILS was contracted by the Department of Health and Ageing, Ageing and Aged Care Division, Workforce Initiatives Team, to conduct a review of existing data on the residential aged care workforce and to conduct a census and survey of that workforce. Professor Richardson and her team have provided an extremely high level of service to the Department. The analysis of the data has been very high quality and both reports provided by NILS have been of an exemplary standard. The Department is very pleased with the quality of the reports and with the consummate professionalism of the NILS team.

Unisuper Ltd

NILS completed a study of “University Employment over the Decade to 2010” for Unisuper [the superannuation fund for Australia’s universities]. Their report has provided the superannuation fund with insight into the growth of employment by category and gender, and will be very useful in our strategic planning process. The staff of the Institute were professional in their approach, and all project time lines were met. The report has both the detail that is required for our planning and the narrative that allows the non-statistician easy access to its contents”.


Department of Immigration and Citizenship

"We believe that the final report prepared by NIL’s was written to a high standard.  As part of an extensive drafting/redrafting process with DIAC,  the authors went to considerable effort to produce a report that was interesting and readily understandable by the intended audience.  We were also pleased that the report did not shy away from complex or in-depth analysis, and went to considerable effort to introduce and explain the meaning of unfamiliar economic terms and statistical methods before using them in the report."

"Overall then, the author’s report has a high degree of substance, rigour and credibility, meaning that the Working Holiday Maker project represented very good value for money.  The report’s quality combined with the diversity of topics covered will make the report a valuable resource for years to come."