Bill Martin; Josh Healy

Year: 2010
Research project: Community and Disability Services Workforce Profile Project


From 2006 to 2010, NILS undertook the design, administration and analysis of the first nationally-representative survey of the community services workforce in Australia for the Community and Disability Services Ministers Advisory Council (CDSMAC). The aims of the research were to present a profile of current working conditions, and inform future workforce planning in four key sectors: child protection, juvenile justice, disability services, and a ‘general’ community services category (covering other social support and assistance services provided to children and families). The project first required the construction of a national sample frame of organisations providing relevant services in Australia. Two survey questionnaires were then developed to collect information from these organisations, and from a random sample of their workers. The surveys were administered in late 2009 and yielded responses from approximately 3800 workers in over 1000 separate organisations. This report, delivered to CDSMAC in September 2010, provides the definitive analysis of employment in the community services sector and community services workers’ experiences based on these data.


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