Working paper no 195
Work and retirement: The role of job satisfaction 
Kostas Mavromaras; Zhang Wei


Working paper no 194
The inter-related dynamics of low paid employment, ender-utilised skills and unemployment in Australia 
Kostas Mavromaras; Peter Sloane; Zhang Wei


Working paper no 193
Educational pathways and labour market outcomes: Evidence on Australian university graduates 
Kostas Mavromaras; Zhang Wei; Xiaobo He


Working paper no 192
The effect of overskilling dynamics on wages
Kostas Mavromaras; Stéphane Mahuteau; Peter Sloane; Zhang Wei

Working paper no 191
Fertility and female labor force participation: New causal evidence from urban China
Xiaobo He; Rong Zhu
Working paper no 190
Economic restructuring, heterogeneous returns to schooling and the evolution of wage inequality in urban China
Rong Zhu

Working paper no 189
The demise of certainty: shifts in aspirations and achievement at the turn of the century
Andreas Cebulla; Wojtek Tomaszewski

Working paper no 188
Gender-based undervaluation and the powers of Fair Work Australia
(published in: Journal of Industrial Relations, 2013, 55/5)
Joshua Healy; Michael P. Kidd

Working paper no 187
Work satisfaction and intention to leave among direct care workers in community and residential aged care in Australia
Debra King; Zhang Wei; Anna Howe
Working paper no 186
A longitudinal analysis of social engagement in late-life widowhood
(published in: International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 2012, 74/3, 211-229)
Linda M Isherwood; Debra S King; Mary A Luszcz
Working paper no 185
Whither the migrant workforce in community (in-home) aged care in Australia?
Debra King
Working paper no 184
Stabilising the aged care workforce: An analysis of worker retention and intention
(published in: Australian Health Review 2012, 36/1, 83-91)
Anna L. Howe; Debra S. King; Julie M. Ellis; Yvonne D. Wells; Zhang Wei; Karen A. Teshuva
Working paper no 183
Independent regulatory agencies and Australia’s health workforce crisis: Lessons from the gynaecological cancers workforce
(published in: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 2011, Volume 31, No. 1/2, 21-33)
Debra King; Eileen Willis
Working paper no 182
Thinking change, acting cautiously: Approaches to farm work in response to climate change
Debra King

Working paper no 181
Modelling house prices across Sydney with estimates for access, property size, public transport, urban density and crime
Peter Abelson; Roselyne Joyeux; Stephane Mahuteau



Working paper no 180
Job anxiety, work-related psychological illness and workplace performance
Peter J Sloane; Melanie Jones; Paul Latrielle                                      

Working paper no 179
Immigration policy and entrepreneurship
Stephane Mahuteau; Matloob Piracha; Massimiliano Tani; Matias Vaira Lucero
Working paper no 178
Labour market outcomes and skill acquisition in the host country: North African migrants returning home from the European Union
Stephane Mahuteau; Massimiliano Tani
Working paper no 177
An examination of the effects of wealth and earned income on the decision to retire in the UK
Kostas Mavromaras; Rong Zhu

Working paper no 176
Disability and job mismatches in the Australian labour market
Melanie Jones; Kostas Mavromaras; Peter Sloane; Zhang Wei

Working paper no 175
Low skill men’s access to ‘feminine’ care jobs in Australia: An occupational case study approach
Megan Moskos
Working paper no 173
How does occupational sex segregation shape low skilled men's employment opportunitites?  Evidence from the ABS census
Megan Moskos
Working paper no 172
It's frustrating! managing emotional dissonance in aged care work
Debra King
Working paper no 171
Adjusting to skill shortages: Compexity and consequences
Josh Healy; Kostas Mavromaras; Peter J Sloane
Working paper no 170
The impact of major job mismatch on college graduates' early career earnings                                              
(published in: Education Economics: 1-18 doi.10.1080/09645292.2012.659009)
Rong Zhu                                                                                
Working paper no 169
Work-related health in Europe: Are older workers more at risk?
Peter J Sloane; Melanie K Jones; Paul L Latreille; Anita V Staneva                                                                           
Working paper no 168
Enterprise bargaining and productivity
Keith Hancock
Working paper no 167
Assisting people marginal to the labour market to gain and maintain employment: A spotlight on South Australia
Megan Moskos
Working paper no 166Are casual and contract terms of employment hazardous for mental health in Australia?
Sue Richardson; Laurence Lester; Guangyu Zhang
Working paper no 165Improving the employment rates of people with disabilities through vocational education
Kostas Mavromaras; Cain Polidano


Working paper no 164
Identity Work: The identity construction of low skilled men excluded from labour market activity in Australia
Megan Moskos
Working paper no 163
Job mismatches and labour market outcomes: Panel evidence on Australian university graduates

Kostas Mavromaras; S McGuinness; N O'Leary; P J Sloane; Zhang (Tiger) Wei
Working paper no 162
The minimum wage workforce in Australia: Extending the evidence

Josh Healy
Working paper no 161
Labour Supply in Australia: A comparison of the behaviour between partnered and single males and females

Laurence Lester; Darcy Fitzpatrick


Working paper no 160
A Multiple Indicators and Multiple Causes (MIMIC) model of immigrant settlement success

Laurence Lester
Working paper no 159
Immigrant labour market success: An analysis of the index of labour market success

Laurence Lester


Working paper no 158
An analysis of addictive expenditure: A panel data model with fixed effects and time analysis

Laurence Lester


Working paper no 157
Ring, ring.why don't you leave me alone? The impact of the work mobile phone on the work-life balance
Diannah Lowry; Megan Moskos
Working paper no 156
An index of labour market success

Laurence Lester


Working paper no 155
A free market for labour
Keith Hancock
Working paper no 154
Immigrant satisfaction: What is it? Does it matter?

Laurence Lester
Working paper no 153
Hanging on the mobile phone
Diannah Lowry; Megan Moskos


Working paper no 152
The wage of the unskilled worker and family needs, 1907 and 1920
Keith Hancock


Working paper no 151
Society's investment in children
Sue Richardson


Working paper no 150
Employee relations in Australia - have they improved?
Adriana VandenHeuvel; Mark Cully


Working paper no 123
Staff turnover in child care centres
Meredith Baker; Frances Robertson
Working paper no 122
Unionization in Australia: Evidence from the AWIRS
Jeffrey Balchin; Mark Wooden