Investigators: Genevieve Knight and IFF Research Team

Commenced: 2013
Funding body: IFF Research, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills UK


This two year project is a collaborative with IFF Research, an independent research company in the UK, for submission to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills UK. The project involves undertaking an evaluation of the 24+ Advanced Loans program to better understand how the process of introducing and delivering the program is working in the very early stages of roll out.

Given forthcoming budget restrictions, the UK Government is proposing that adults aged 24 and above who study for qualifications at Level 3 and above should make a greater contribution to the costs of their learning. Grant funding for these Further Education learners and courses will be removed, to allow the Government to focus its investment on younger and lower-qualified learners who are less likely to invest in themselves.

The project will be delivered by IFF Research working in partnership with Genevieve Knight (Senior Research Fellow) who will provide expert input into the impact evaluation.