Colloquium Program Semester 1, 2015

Time/Location: 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Moot Court (basement of the Law and Commerce Building

5 March Associate Professor Jennifer Mills
Department of Psychology
York University, Canada
That camera adds ten pounds! Women's reactions to visual weight-related feedback and the role of trait body checking.
12 March Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Sophie Schumacher
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Reducing chocolate cravings: A Test of the Elaborated-Intrusion Theory
  Catherine Johnson
(Supervisor: Tracey Wade)
Mindfulness in schools: A transdiagnostic prevention programme
  Stacey Oliver
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Implicit and motivational influences of daily activity
19 March Dr Owen Churches
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Flinders University
How to hang a picture on a wall: perceptual biases in two dimensions
26 March Dr Sarah Cohen-Woods
Discipline of Psychiatry
University of Adelaide
Scars of stress: Gene-environment interaction in depression and epigenetic change.
A simple lunch will be served in the Staff common Room (SSN) after the colloquium
2 April No Colloquium Staff Meeting
9 April Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Jacinta Oulton
(Supervisor: Melanie Takarangi)
Memory amplification for traumatic experiences: Investigating the relationship between memory distortion and PTSD symptoms in the laboratory
  Rachel Curtis
(Supervisor: Tim Windsor)
How do perceptions of control affect older adults' activity?
  Toby Prike
(Supervisor: Michele Arnold)
The relationship between cognitive biases and anomalistic beliefs
30 April Dr Kate Fairweather-Schmidt
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Flinders University
Gentic and environmental influences on global eating disorder impairment across adolescence: A longitudinal study
7 May Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Neralie Cain
(Supervisor: Michael Gradisar)
Title to be confirmed
  Deanne Green
(Supervisor: Melanie Takarangi)
Title to be confirmed
  Ali Simpson
(Supervisor: Jason McCarley)
Collaborative searchers rely on the most accurate observer's responses in a joint decision
14 May Speaker to be confirmed
21 May Speaker to be confirmed
28 May No Colloquium Staff Meeting
4 June Professor Neil Brewer
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Social-cognitive deficits that led to a chilling end

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