Colloquium Program Semester 1, 2015

Time/Location: 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Moot Court (basement of the Law and Commerce Building

5 March Associate Professor Jennifer Mills
Department of Psychology
York University, Canada
That camera adds ten pounds! Women's reactions to visual weight-related feedback and the role of trait body checking.
12 March Introducing 3 "new" PhD students:
  Sophie Schumacher
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Reducing chocolate cravings: A Test of the Elaborated-Intrusion Theory
  Catherine Johnson
(Supervisor: Tracey Wade)
Mindfulness in schools: A transdiagnostic prevention programme
  Stacey Oliver
(Supervisor: Eva Kemps)
Implicit and motivational influences of daily activity
19 March Dr Owen Churches
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Flinders University
How to hang a picture on a wall: perceptual biases in two dimensions
26 March Dr Sarah Cohen-Woods
Discipline of Psychiatry
University of Adelaide
Scars of stress: Gene-environment interaction in depression and epigenetic change.
A simple lunch will be served in the Staff common Room (SSN) after the colloquium
2 April No Colloquium Staff Meeting
9 April Introducing 2 "new" PhD students:
  Rachel Curtis
(Supervisor: Tim Windsor)
How do perceptions of control affect older adults' activity?
  Toby Prike
(Supervisor: Michele Arnold)
The relationship between cognitive biases and anomalistic beliefs
30 April Dr Kate Fairweather-Schmidt
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology
Flinders University
Gentic and environmental influences on global eating disorder impairment across adolescence: A longitudinal study
7 May Introducing 2 "new" PhD students:
  Neralie Cain
(Supervisor: Michael Gradisar)
Sleep restriction therapy for children with Insomnia: A counterintuitive technique with a counterintuitive consequence?
  Ali Simpson
(Supervisor: Jason McCarley)
Collaborative searchers rely on the most accurate observer's responses in a joint decision
14 May Introducing 2 "new" PhD students:
  Jacinta Oulton
(Supervisor: Melanie Takarangi)
Memory amplification for traumatic experiences: Investigating the relationship between memory distortion and PTSD symptoms in the laboratory
  Deanne Green
(Supervisor: Melanie Takarangi)
Negative emotional stimuli and the boundary restriction phenomenon
21 May Associate Professor Robyn Young The early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the ever changing goal posts
28 May No Colloquium Staff Meeting
4 June Professor Neil Brewer
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Social-cognitive deficits that led to a chilling end

Colloquium Program Semester 2, 2015 (TBA)

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