Colloquium Program Semester 1, 2017

Time/Location: 1:00pm - 1:50pm, Social Science North - SSN 242

6 March 2017 Dr Blake Lawrence
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
School of Psychology
Flinders University
Nonpharmacological Interventions for Mild Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease
13 March 2017 No colloquium (Public Holiday)
20 March 2017 Professor Glen Bodner
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
Predicting and influencing aesthetic responses to art
27 March 2017 No colloquium (Staff Meeting)
3 April 2017 Introducing 3 PhD students:
  Matt Hanson
(Supervisor: Robyn Young)
  Shevaugn Johnson
(Supervisor: Tracey Wade)
Cognitive processing abnormalities and perfectionism in body dysmorphic disorder
  Alliyza Lim
(Supervisor: Robyn Young)
Traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder on perceived deception and credibility
10 April 2017 Introducing 3 PhD students:
  Jessica Howe
(Supervisor: Julie Mattiske)
  Asma Akther
(Supervisor: Julie Robinson)
The adaptation of Australian born children of skilled immigrants
  Jordan McLean
(Supervisor: Nathan Weber)
How are reasoning and decision making related to endorsements of CAM treatments?
17 April 2017 No colloquium (Public Holiday)
24 April 2017 No colloquium (Staff Meeting)
1 May 2017 Introducing 3 PhD students:
  Joy Love
(Supervisor: Michael Wenzel)
Vision thinking and identity formation for leadership
  Katie Logos
(Supervisor: Neil Brewer)
Interactions between adults with ASD and the criminal justice system
  Cara Rossi
(Supervisor: Lydia Woodyatt)
Understanding how conflicting perspectives of a transgression affect victim-offender interaction
8 May 2017 Associate Professor Muireann Irish
School of Psychology and Brain & Mind Centre
The University of Sydney
‘The Future of Memory' - Deconstructing past and future thinking in the dementias
15 May 2017 Associate Professor Tyler Okimoto
UQ Business School
University of Queensland
Workplace Reintegration
22 May 2017 No colloquium (Staff Meeting)
29 May 2017 Introducing 3 PhD students:
  Kristy Johnstone
(Supervisor: Junwen Chen)
An investigation of universal school-based prevention programs for children: Building resilience to manage worry
  Marja Elizabeth
(Supervisor: Reg Nixon)
The efficacy of combining a case formulation approach with cognitive processing therapy
  Kelsey Bickley
(Supervisor: Leon Lack)
5 June 2017 Professor Mark Bellgrove
School of Psychological Sciences
Monash University
Role of attentional selection in perceptual decision making
12 June 2017 No colloquium (Public Holiday)
19 June 2017 No colloquium (Staff Meeting)

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