Adjunct research supervisor

Dr Nadia Corsini
Dr Hayley Dohnt
Dr Ivanka Prichard

Dr Robyn Moffitt

Adjunct Professor

Professor Cameron Camp

Professor Rosalyn Shute

Adjunct lecturers and senior lecturers

Mr Richard Balfour: James Nash House
Ms Dianna Bartsch: Port Adelaide Mental Health Service
Ms Cate Braham: CPS, Flinders Medical Centre
Ms Alexandra Brookes: Flinders Psychology @ GP Plus Super Clinic Noarlunga
Mr David Buob: retired
Ms Anne Burke: Royal Adelaide Hospital
Ms Carolyn Cole: Flinders Medical Centre
Mr Timothy Connell: Disability SA
Mr Tindaro Fallo: Migrant Resource Centre
Dr Anne Gannoni: Women's and Children's Hospital
Ms Maria Gardiner: Staff Development, Flinders University
Mr Rene Grypma: NW Adelaide Mental Health Services for Older People
Mr Jon Hare: Noarlunga Health Services
Ms Margaret Hartstone: Central Northern Adelaide Mental Health Services
Ms Alexandra Jolly: Rally Consulting
Dr Ken Kobayashi: Flinders Medical Centre
Mr Andrew Livingstone: Rural and Remote Health Unit, Glenside
Dr Andrea Louis: Owenia House
Ms Krystyna McQuinn: Inner South Community Mental Health Centre
Mr Rinaldo Minniti: Drug and Alcohol Services Council, Norwood
Ms Kathryn Moar: Flinders Medical Centre
Mr Ian Pearce: Minda Home
Ms Catherine Sanders: Bower Place
Ms Liz Schultz: Central Northern Adelaide Mental Health Service
Mr David Scott: Community Mental Health Service: RAH
Mr Shawn Sowerbutts: Owenia House