Professional staff

Ms Janine Clarke - Administrative Assistant
Mr Paul Douglas - Development Engineer
Mr David Hall - Senior Technical Officer
Mr Ben Maddock - Computing Officer
Ms Tracey Quigley - School Manager
Ms Karen Yardley - Administrative Assistant
Ms Natalie Weir - Finance and Client Liaison Officer

Staff Consulting Times (PDF 178KB)


Key Administrative Contacts


First Year Director of Studies

Dr Lydia Woodyatt

Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Assoc Prof Nathan Weber

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Dr Junwen Chen

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Dr Paul Williamson

Bachelor of Arts

Dr Michelle Arnold

 Bachelor of Psychological Studies (graduate entry)

 Dr Tim Windsor

Director of Studies - Undergraduate

Mr Geoff Fraser

4th Year Honours

Assoc Prof Michael Wenzel


Prof Mike Nicholls

 Director of Clinical Programs (Masters and PhD Clinical)

Prof Reg Nixon


Prof Jason Mc Carley

Teaching and Course Management

Dr Julie Mattiske

International and Local Marketing

Prof Robyn Young

HELP University, Malaysia

Prof Robyn Young

HELP Bachelor of Psychological Science

Prof Robyn Young

HELP Psychological Science (Hons)

Prof Robyn Young

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