Rachel Andrew

Predictors and outcomes of positive body image in young women and adolescent girls.
Supervisor: Marika Tiggemann

Belinda Bury

Digital alteration disclaimer labels on fashion magazine advertisements: Role of social appearance comparison and effect on body dissatisfaction.
Supervisor: Marika Tiggemann

Jane Cooper

An investigation of the role of cognitive bias in eating disorders and its relation to difficulties in emotion regulation.

Supervisor: Tracey Wade

Ashleigh Haynes

Regulating unhealthy snacking behaviour: The interplay between desire and self-control.
Supervisor:  Eva Kemps

Rie Kubota

The effect of rumination on posttraumatic intrusions: An investigation using the trauma-film paradigm.
Supervisor: Reg Nixon

Gorica Micic

Biological and behavioural basis of delayed sleep-wake phase disorder.

Supervisor: Leon Lack

Gemma Sharp

Predictors and outcomes of Labiaplasty.

Supervisor: Julie Mattiske


Anne-Marie Coughlin

Rumination, time and forgiveness: Are changes in thinking over time associated with the development of forgiveness?
Supervisor: Michael Wenzel

Sarah Fletcher

The role of recollection in the confidence-accuracy relationship for negative decisions.
Supervisor: Nathan Weber

Mydair Hunter

Prospective memory in the fourth age: Evidence from the ALSA Daily Life Time Sampling (ADuLTS) Study.
Supervisor: Mary Luszcz

Anna Lane

Level and change in cognitive functioning in later life and principal life-time career: The role of occupational complexity and physical job demands.
Supervisor: Mary Luszcz

Yong-Hwee Nah (Fei)

Improving early identification of young toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) using the Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC). 

Supervisor: Robyn Young

Tomoko Nishizawa

Effects of lineup members facial characteristics and demeanour on eyewitness identification performance.
Supervisor: Neil Brewer

Stacey Taylor-Aldridge

An exploration of ways to improve metacognitive monitoring and maximise the quantity and accuracy of eyewitness memory reports.
Supervisor:  Neil Brewer and Nathan Weber

Charlotte Tottman

Motherhood experience and its relationship to postpartum adjustment.
Supervisor: Julie Mattiske

Carmen Yap

Why confess?  the role of instrumental and symbolic motivations on confessions in an interpersonal context.
Supervisor: Michael Wenzel



Samantha Angelakis

Comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder: The usefulness of a combined treatment aproach
Supervisor: Associate Professor Reg Nixon

Melissa Atkinson

Examination of a mindfulness-based prevention program for eating disorders and related risk factors
Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Caitlin Hitchcock

Overgeneral memory, trauma, and psychopathology in children
Supervisor: Associate Professor Reg Nixon 

Tom Nehmy

A controlled evaluation of a universal transdiagnostic prevention program for adolescent depression, anxiety and disordered eating
Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Michael Oliver

Stress, resources and psychological adaptation in young people from refugee backgrounds resettled in Australia
Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Anne O'Shea 

An investigation of the model of clinical perfectionism as a transdiagnostic process in theory and treatment.
Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Nicole Reid

The role of informativeness in eyewitness memory reporting
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer, Co-supervisor: Dr Nathan Weber

Ambika Vagadia 

Interviewing child witnesses:  Childrens ability to strategically regulate output quantity, accuracy and grain size
Supervised by Professor Neil Brewer and Associate Professor Robyn Young



Maria Gardiner

The role of coaching psychology in improving the wellbeing and performance of non-executive highly educated professionals
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann.

Linda Isherwood

Social resources in the transition to late-life widowhood: A mixed methods study.
Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz.


Darren Hedley

Neurological effects of behavioural intervention with children with autism.
Supervisor:  Associate Professor Robyn Young

Joh Henley

Psychosocial outcome amongst recently resettled refugee youth
Supervisor:  Dr Julie Robinson

Catherine Jackson

Non traumatic therapeutic writing for disordered eating

Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Nicole Lovato

Evaluation of a non-pharmacological treatment of evening bright light and cognitive behaviour therapy for insomnia in older adults
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Christine Materne

Memory rehabilitation in people with dementia: Improving memory with spaced retrieval training and examining the roles of memory efficacy perceptions and awareness

Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Anna Moffat

Assessing the impact of early intervention on imitation ability in young children with autism

Supervisor: Associate Professor Robyn Young

Susan Page

The influence of psychological factors on adjustment to pain in cancer patients receiving palliative care
Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Alyssa Sawyer

Why do individuals with Asperger's Syndrome have difficulty in recognising the emotinos of others?

Supervisor: Dr Paul Williamson

Michelle Short

Adolescent sleep:  Theoretical, methodological, and cross-cultural perspectives
Supervisor: Dr Michael Gradisar

Carla Welsh

Healthy outcomes for children: An investigation of the combined prevention of disordered eating and obesity in preadolescent children

Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Lydia Woodyatt

Self-forgiveness as a restorative process following interpersonal transgressions.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Michael Wenzel


Kate Jackson

For crying out loud:  An investigation into intervention techniques for Infant Sleep Disturbance
Supervisor:  Dr Michael Gradisar

Tiffany Lavis

The effect of an inaccuracy in eyewitness reports on mock-juror judgments
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Eleanor Lawrence-Wood

Trust me, this is(n't) scary! How trust affects social emotional influence in threatening situations
Supervisor: Dr Mariette Berndsen

Fiona Leeson

The role of cognitions on adjustment and CBT for child psychological maltreatment
Supervisor: Professor Reg Nixon

Sarah Wilksch

Emotional processing in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Improving the outcomes following Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for PTSD
Supervisor: Dr Reg Nixon

Tick Zweck

Metacognitive influences on eyewitness choosing
Supervisor:  Professor Neil Brewer


Jacqueline Bergin

An investigation of a cognitive model of the maintenance of bulimia nervosa
Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Phillip Donaldson

Object properties influence the selection of a spatial frame of reference
Supervisor: Dr Michael Tlauka

Aaron Drummond

Imagined viewpoint switching from plan view diagrams and maps
Supervisor: Dr Michael Tlauka

Jacinda Fisher

Change and continuity in the coping process of primary caregivers for persons receive home palliative care
Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Paul Halford

Eyewitness identification in real world conditions
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Anna McKinnon

The relationship between children's autobiographical memories for traumatic experiences and the development of PTSD
Supervisor: Associate Professor Reg Nixon

Ivanka Prichard

Objectification in fitness centres: Self-objectification, exercise and body image among women
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Sarah Paine

Insomnia in middle childhood: A combined behavioural sleep medicine and anxiety based approach to treatment
Supervisor: Dr Michael Gradisar

Danielle Robson

The development of infants with an increased risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Supervisor: Associate Professor Robyn Young

Robyn Vast

Emotion, attentional focus and attainment of automaticity in expert sport performance
Supervisor: Associate Professor Robyn Young


Lisa Beatty

Facilitating psychological adjustment to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
Supervisor: Professor Tracey Wade

Erin Bulluss

Joint attention training for children with Autism: A valuable addition to Early Intervention Programs?

Supervisor: Associate Professor Robyn Young

Matthew Palmer

Eyewitness identification from multiple lineups
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Talitha Best

'Just a spoonful of sugar' - saccharide effects on cognition and well-being in middle-aged adults
Supervisor: Dr Eva Kemps

Levina Clark

Sociocultural and psychological influences on girls' body image
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Alicia Ellis

Cognitive and social support factors in ASD, PTSD and depression in children and adolescents following single-incident trauma
Supervisor: Dr Reg Nixon

Sean Fitzgibbon

A machine learning approach to brain computer interfacing
Supervisor: Professor Richard Clark

Jodie Harris

The development and comparative evaluation of intensive sleep retraining treatment for chronic primary insomnia
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Hannah Keage

The neurocognitive profiles of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder predominately inattentive and combined subtypes and the effects of stimulant medication
Supervisor: Professor Richard Clark

James Sauer

Using multiple confidence assessments to discriminate studied from unstudied faces
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Carolyn Boyd

Generativity: An investigation of its relationship to psychological well-being in adulthood
Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Pam Carroll

Peer teasing and victimisation of young people with craniofacial conditions: advancing interventions
Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute

Hayley Dohnt

Body image concerns in young girls: The role of peer and media influences
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Toby Freeman

The role of health professionals in the prevention of smoking- and alcohol-related harms: applying the theory of planned behaviour to explain the impact of organisational variables on work behaviours
Supervisors: Dr Paul Williamson, Professor Ann Roche (NCETA), Dr Ken Pidd (NCETA) and Dr Natalie Skinner (NCETA)

Gareth Furber

Psychosocial change over time in post acute coronary syndrome patients: Description, prediction and influence
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade

Shriyani Maine

Parental support for youth: A parenting programme for youth suicide prevention
Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute

Anna Steele

Evaluating three cognitive guided self-help interventions in the treatment of Bulimia Nervosa
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade

Simon Wilksch

A school-based media literacy program for reducing eating disorder risk factors in young adolescents: A controlled evaluation
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade


Rebekah Doley

An examination of a model of serial arson in Australia
Supervisor: Dr Julie Mattiske

John Barnes

Clinician cognitions: The influence of persuasive message factors in client presentation
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Jeremy Mercer

Insomniacs' misperception of wake instead of sleep
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Rachel Newson

‘Move it or lose it’: An active lifestyle as a factor for successful cognitive ageing
Supervisor: Dr Eva Kemps

Jessica Pleva

Perfectionism and obsessive-compulsive symptoms: Implications for assessment, theory and treatment
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade

Rachel Roberts

The adjustment of young people with craniofacial conditions: stressors, positive experiences and coping
Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute

Amy Slater

Gender differences in adolescent sport participation and body image: The role of self-objectification
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Melissa Zschorn

Cognitive appraisal in parents who have a child with a physical disability
Supervisor: Professor Rosalyn Shute


Michael Gradisar

An investigation into acute finger temperature changes prior to sleep onset
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Amber Keast

Children's eyewitness identification
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Patricia Kent

Are deficits in naming & construction performance preclinical symptoms of dementia?
Supervisor: Dr Janet Bryan

Ian McKee

Revenge: Situational and dispositional influences on personal retribution
Supervisor: Professor Norman Feather

Kathryn Moores

Investigating working memory abnormalities in post traumatic stress disorder using functional MRI
Supervisor: Associate Professor Richard Clark

Melissa Oxlad

Psychological risk factors for adverse physical and psychological outcomes following coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade

Darren Weber

ERP indices of attention and working memory processes in post-traumatic stress disorder
Supervisor: Associate Professor Richard Clark


Ivan Atkinson

Issues in ADHD management: The development and application of a multisystemic framework
Supervisors: Dr Julie Robinson and Professor Rosalyn Shute

Amber Brooks

The recuperative value of daytime naps
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack

Lauren Miller-Lewis

Identifying psychosocial risk factors for pregnancy risk-taking and pregnancy in Australian Adolescents: A longitudinal investigation
Supervisor: Associate Professor Tracey Wade

Ken Pidd

The work-related drug use of adolescent apprentices: Planned behaviour from the perspective of social identity theory

Sophie Pointer

Olfactory cues and autobiographical memory
Supervisor: Professor Nigel Bond and Professor Mary Luszcz

Diane Pomeroy

Spatiotemporal patterns of brain activity related to memory
Supervisor: Associate Professor Richard Clark

Carolyn Semmler

The effects of post-identification feedback on eyewitness confidence
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Nathan Weber

Confidence-accuracy calibration in face recognition
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer


Marie Andrew

Psychosocial outcome after cardiac surgery: Application of a coping model to understand predictors and the role of neuropsychological deficits
Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Cherrie Galletly

An investigation of working memory dysfunction in schizophrenia
Supervisor: Associate Professor Richard Clark

Anne Gannoni

Children's adaptation to chronic illness
Supervisor: Associate Professor Rosalyn Shute

Duane Hargreaves

Media influences on adolescent body image: Experiments investigating the role of appearance schemas
Supervisor: Professor Marika Tiggemann

Maryanne Loughry

The psychological well-being of Vietnamese children, who were formally unaccompanied asyslum seekers after their return from detention
Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Matthew Smout

The development of harm-reduction approaches to alcohol and related problems in young adults
Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson and Dr Robert Lynd-Stevenson

Willem van Steenbrugge

Bilingual lexical access during word - and sentence processing: An ERP study
Supervisor: Associate Professor Richard Clark

Peter Strelan

A model for predicting the perceived cost and benefits of performance-enhancing drug use among elite athletes
Supervisor: Dr Robyn Young and Dr Robert Boeckmann

Michelle Tuckey

Eyewitness memory and schemas
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Helen Wright

The efficacy of a portable light device for bright light therapy
Supervisor: Professor Leon Lack


Anthony Kneebone

Neuropsychological aspects of coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Supervisor: Professor Mary Luszcz

Natalie Skinner

The dynamics of threat and challenge appraisals
Supervisor: Professor Neil Brewer

Eva Strinovich

Two and three year old children's peer orientation, styles of play and social competence in same-age and mixed-age day care classes
Supervisor: Dr Julie Robinson

Paul Williamson

The role of expectation and uncertainty in the relationship between statistics anxiety and achievement
Supervisor: Dr Julie Mattiske

Gillian Zimmermann

Improving the psychological management of weight reduction: An evaluation of cognitive - behavioural interventions
Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson and Professor Marika Tiggemann


Sharon Watts

Partners of problem-drinkers: Context, coping and the coping process
Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson


Carol-Ann Cayley

Discrimination between self-report measures of anxiety and depression: A systematic approach using confirmatory factor analysis
Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson

Krysten Kemp

An evaluation of mediation and litigation in the resolution of child residency and contact disputes at the Family Court of Australia
Supervisor: Professor Peter Wilson