Nicole Thomas, Tobias Loetscher and Mike Nicholls from the Brain and Cognition Laboratory

Come and join us! We have hosted post-docs, research placement students and PhD students from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland.


The Brain and Cognition Laboratory new web site can be found from this link Brain and Cognition. We have a broad interest in cognitive processes, how they operate and how they might be represented in the brain. Much of our research is centred on two issues. The first is laterality research, which investigates left/right asymmetries in the brain, cognition and behaviour. Specific interests include: Handedness, functional asymmetries between the cerebral hemispheres and asymmetries in facial expression and attention - to name a few. The second main theme of research investigates the cognitive processes associated with spatial attention and how these are represented in the brain. A recurrent theme of this research has been asymmetries in attention, though we are also interested in attention and how it affects the perception of faces, time and number.

The laboratory aims to develop a better understanding of cognitive processes and their neural substrate with an appreciation of their functional significance.


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