The Flinders Handedness Survey (FLANDERS) 

This page contains information related to the FLANDERS. The original article is to be published in Cortex, See:

Nicholls, M.E.R., Thomas, N.A., Loetscher, T. & Grimshaw, G. (in press). The Flinders Handedness survey (FLANDERS): A brief measure of skilled hand preference. Cortex

Copy of Cortex (PDF 615KB) paper.

Instructions to the participants are given at the top of the questionnaire together with some questions relating to basic demographic data. Responses of 'left', 'either' and 'right' are assigned scores of -1, 0 and +1, respectively. These scores are then summed to give a test score that ranges from -10 to +10. Individuals with scores ranging between -10 and -5 are deemed to be left-handed whereas individuals with scores ranging between +5 and +10 are right-handed. Individuals with scores between these ranges (-4 to +4) are mixed-handed.

Printable versions of the FLANDERS in English and other languages