Thank you for your interest in our research investigating Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder

Due to the expense in running such intensive research, it is imperative that all participants meet required sleep and lifestyle criteria.

Please ensure you can relate your current sleeping pattern and lifestyle to the following description before applying to participate.

Eligible candidates must be:

  • Unable to fall asleep before 2-3am
  • Struggling to awaken before 10-11am
  • Have an otherwise solid and stable sleep pattern at a delayed time
  • In otherwise good health
  • Non smoker, aged 18-40
  • Speak fluent English

We are currently conducting 2 separate studies:

  1. The Underlying Cause of Delayed Sleeping Patterns

    This study aims to investigate the underlying cause of delayed sleeping patterns. The experiment is an in-lab project and entails a 4-day and night continuous stay at the Flinders University Sleep Laboratory, paying $500 for your full involvement.

    The  Participant Information Sheet (Sleep Study) (PDF 117KB) explains the protocol and its requirements.

    **Please note we are also recruiting good sleepers for this study, who sleep between 10pm-11pm & 7am-8am, and have a stable sleeping pattern of good quality.

    Screening Process:

    The screening process for potential participants occurs in two stages.

    1. There is a comprehensive online questionnaire that all interested candidates are asked to fill out. These responses will be analysed and you will be notified of your eligibility for the second round of sleep screening.
    2. Those who show suitable sleep characteristics for the study will then be invited to attend the Flinders University Sleep Laboratory for a short 15-minute consultation. At this time they will be given a 10-day sleep/wake diary to complete and an activity watch to wear on their wrist. This device monitors sleep patterns, to further assess sleeping patterns and eligibility for the laboratory-based experiments.

    If your sleeping patterns meet our eligibility criteria, you will be contacted by researchers to organise a suitable weekend for your stay with us at the sleep laboratory. Please note, experiments must run Thursday-Monday, between April – June 2014.


    If you would like to be involved and believe you suit our eligibility criteria, please contact with the following details:



    Date of birth:

    Contact phone number:


    You will then be given a unique ID code and a URL for an online screening questionnaire. This ID code and questionnaire ensure all information provided remains anonymous and only authorised researchers can use the code to identify you with given information. Your responses will only be used to determine your eligibility for the study.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the researchers.

  2. Treatment Study for Individuals with Delayed Sleeping Patterns

    To determine your eligibility please complete the online screening questionnaire by clicking on the link below. The online survey is estimated to take approximately 30 minutes. The survey contains several questionnaires, which ask about your sleep pattern, sleepiness and factors which affect sleep. This survey has been made anonymous and all of your answers will be kept confidential, although you will be asked to provide contact details so you can be informed of your eligibility to continue to the next phase of the study.

    Note that the survey is administered by Monash University who are partnering with us in this research.

    Click Here for Screening Questionnaire (Monash)

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the researchers.

Kind Regards,

Flinders University Sleep Research Team
Phone:8201 2377