Justice, emotions and morality are important and interconnected parts of human behaviour and experience. For example, when we feel wronged we often experience anger, perceive an injustice and demand repair; when we have done wrong we may feel guilt or shame and offer reparation. Or, when we sense that a situation could be better, we may experience hope and engage in behaviour to advance this cause. These processes have practical implications across a range of settings such as justice, organisations, relationships, and motivation (for social action or personal change).

The Psychology of Justice, Emotions and Morality (Psych-JEM) lab at Flinders University is a team of social psychologists including academics, postgrad students, honours students and undergraduate research assistants. Our research employs a range of methods:

  • experimental designs in lab and field
  • survey and correlational studies
  • qualitative methods.

Our research is concerned with a wide range of human behaviours including apology, confession, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, self-punishment, tax compliance, whistleblowing, restorative justice, reconciliation, social discrimination, shaming, dehumanisation, and collective action. This website provides an overview of our people, projects and publications.

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