Download instructions for Bedtime Fading and Graduated Extinction for infants here:  Bedtime Fading & Graduated Extinction Instructions (PDF 413KB)

International research suggests that sleep problems are prevalent across the lifespan.  To meet the growing demand for a specialised sleep service in South Australia, the Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic opened in early 2006 to offer and pioneer evidence-based psychological treatments for a wide range of sleep problems:

  • Insomnia
  • Circadian rhythm disorders (delayed body clock, advanced body clock, jet lag, shift work)
  • Bedtime resistance
  • Needing parents to fall asleep
  • Night-time fears
  • Sleep disorders associated with mental health disorders (mood disorders, anxiety)

To ensure our clients receive a high quality service, we continually evaluate our treatments, with results suggesting a high success rate, and outcomes maintained at 6 month follow up.* The Clinic also prides itself on providing a comprehensive assessment and treatment package.  Please refer to the cost page for further information.

The Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic has featured on the ABC’s 4 Corners , Channel 7 and 10 News, Channel 9’s A Current Affair , and the Weekend Australian Magazine and has provided specialised consultancy and training to independent clinical psychologists, social workers, nurses and physicians in Australia and abroad.

Please contact us for further information.

*Gradisar, M., Dohnt, H., Gardner, G., Paine, S., Starkey, K., Menne, A., Slater, A., Wright, H., Hudson, J. L., Weaver, E., & Trenowden, S. (2011).  A randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behaviour therapy plus bright light therapy for adolescent Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder.  Sleep, 34, 1671-1680.

Paine, S.,& Gradisar, M. (2011).  A randomised controlled trial of cognitive-behavior therapy for Behavioural Insomnia of Childhood in school-aged children.  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 49, 379-388.


Download free copy of Sleep Diary (DOC 187KB)