'J’s sleep patterns are much improved and I think she is sleeping much better than ever before.  Importantly, she tells me that she is falling asleep much more easily than last year.  For many years, J was sleeping erratically and took a long time to get to sleep at night – often not until two or three in the morning. After re-setting her body clock, she is going to bed much more willingly, and is naturally feeling tired at the end of the evening. Prior to the treatment, she was not feeling tired or ready for bed until much later. Many thanks for your assistance in helping her to help herself  - as she is in year 12 this year, it has really been beneficial for her to get into a much better sleeping routine.'
Mother of teenage daughter
June 2012

'A’s sleep pattern this week has been very good and is responding well to the reward system. I think I mentioned last session, we went with a picture of a soccer player kicking a goal with the reward of watching a night game after sleeping through for 21 days. So far he has not wandered into our room at some ungodly hour and his wake up time is around 6:15 to 6:30 which is OK by me. I moved his bed time back to 8ish to try and build up a little more sleep pressure and he seems OK with that too. We have been re-enforcing the praise and brave behaviours both during the day and at night. He still seems to have worries about monsters but I guess that is something most kids go through. We are working through the cognitive thought processes the same as we did with the wind and noise so fingers crossed we should be OK.
All in all the change has been very positive and has given us the tools to work through A’s sleep issues in a more informative way and perhaps a more thoughtful way, so thanks for your help and I will recommend your program to others who have sleep issues with their kids.'

Dad of a 4-year old boy who use to wake up his almost every night
September 2011 

'My fifteen year old son has had trouble falling asleep since he was about 6 to 7 years old. He would lie awake till about midnight or even later before he could fall asleep. I bought and used meditation CDs and books about sleeping, I read to him, kept a stable routine at night, but nothing seemed to make any difference. As he got into the teenage years he was lying awake most nights till about 2.00am. I often couldn't wake him for school in the morning and even when he was at school he wasn't taking in the lessons he was being taught. We saw an advertisement for the Flinders Sleep Clinic in our school newsletter. I rang up straight away, and booked in as quickly as possible. Mike Oliver helped us over a period of about a month, and my son is now getting enough sleep, and also knows the ways to help himself  if his sleeping patterns start to stray back again to the old pattern..My son is now a wonderful young man who takes responsibilty to get enough sleep and to wake himself in the morning to get off to school. I am very proud of him, and very grateful to Mike Oliver who has helped our family so greatly.'
Mother of 15-yr old son who use to fall asleep late and struggle to get up.
July 2011

'I truly appreciate the help that you and Michele have provided and am thrilled with the improvement we've seen in W's tendency towards negative thinking ... I think the community is incredibly lucky to have access to your program and assistance - especially when you make it so friendly and affordable.'
Mother of 7-year old son who use to go to bed and worry.
April 2010

'I am beyond grateful for your assistance as "T" is now more often than not only requiring one to two settlings during the night, and last night she slept through! So a thousand times thanks!'
Mother of 9-month old daughter who use to wake several times a night to be resettled.
October 2009

'In January 2009 my son was 12 (turning 13 in March) and it was really starting to be problem for the whole family. I decided to see what the world wide web could do for me and started to google 'sleep problems' and I came across the website for the Flinders University Child and Adolescent Sleep Clinic. After an initial assessment in March with Sarah Paine, it was determined that my son was a suitable candidate to receive assistance but that we would need to wait three months before being able to start the program. He started the program in June with Sarah and to be honest, I wasn't sure how it would all work; however, upon reflection at the completion of the program, I said to Sarah "I can't believe how easy it was". Her reply was "it's not rocket science". The program involved 45 minute weekly sessions with Sarah where she outlined the basic principles for the program. Before we new it, my son had written out the steps to achieve his ultimate goal - "to be able to sleep in my own room by myself". We also agreed to 'rewards' at the completion of each step. Things like picking out a DVD to watch with the family, having a special dinner of his choice and then the ultimate reward upon the completion of his goal - Guitar Hero World Tour for his Nintendo Wii. At the time that we started the program I was sleeping in my son's bed so the idea was for me to gradually move out of his room. The first step was for me to sleep on a mattress on the floor next to his bed and gradually move out of the room. Within no more than two weeks, I was back in my own bed with my husband and my son was sleeping in his bed. We had a few nights where he would call out and I'd have to get up to put him at ease. We even had one night where we totally "fell off the program" and I got into his bed during the night and woke up in the morning really annoyed at myself for having done so. But, the next night we got back on track. Sarah is such an easy going person who is really easy to talk to and is a great listener. My son's not great at discussing his feelings and I was surprised at how much information he shared with Sarah. His problems seemed to stem from lack of confidence (not just when it comes to getting to sleep but in life generally). Sarah has taught him how to question himself when he finds himself in a situation that he is uncomfortable with. A simple question like "what is the worse thing that could happen to me in this situation?" was enough for him to take a step back and reassess his thoughts/feelings and get through the situation. I can't thank Sarah enough. My son now has so much more confidence and he is very proud of himself for having achieved his goal of sleeping in his bed by himself. He said that it just feels normal to be sleeping in his own bed. He is also loving his new Guitar Hero World Tour game :)'
Mother of 13-year old boy who needed someone to sleep near him since he was 2 years old.
August 2009

'I have wanted to write and express my gratitude to you for some time now – When we first came to you [she] was having a really hard time and we were really worried about how she was going to be able to progress towards study and employment while she was having so much difficulty with her sleep and everything else associated with the lack of it. I was obviously hoping that you would be able to help her and hoping against hope that [she] would take it upon herself to do the work that was required. And although she had some moments where we all thought she wouldn't be able to do it you persevered anyway and [we] are extremely grateful that you did not give up on her or us. [She] has progressed so much since bringing her sleep patterns back to normal – her moods are better, she is eating better and she has so much more energy and concentration in the mornings and throughout the day. She is now an early riser apart from some days where she sleeps in after a night out - normal stuff! She passed her first semester at TAFE and has started her second semester. Michael she wouldn't have been able to do that without your help – towards the end of last term her sleep pattern started to slip forwards again so she re-did some light therapy in the holidays (of her own accord) and she's back on track again – so thank you and your team so much for the hours you spend on research and the effort you put into helping young people through your clinic, it really means so much to all of us as a family to see our children brighter and happier again and achieving what they want to achieve. From the bottom of our hearts [we] thank you and we wish you and your team all the best with your future endeavours.'
Mother of 17-year old girl who use to fall asleep at 3am on school nights.
July 2009


'Would you please let Karina know that [she] is doing so well, and maintaining the new pattern such that I don't think we need to come ... please pass on again my thanks to Karina and Greg for all their help and time; we have all benefited enormously.'
Mother of an 8-year old girl who use to have difficulty falling asleep at night.
April 2008

'I appreciate what you did for [her] ... Her sleep is not a problem. I just let her go and she's alright. It's been wonderful. And if anything happens again she's got the skills to do something about it.'
Mother of a 13-year old girl six months after finishing treatment for her delayed sleep pattern.

'Life is so different now. Very happy. She now goes to bed and falls asleep straight away. Thank you.'
Mother of 7-year old girl who use to take 1 hour to fall asleep, and now takes 10 to 20 minutes.
June 2007

'In the form I filled out it asked if [my son] still has a sleep problem. I had to answer yes but would have liked to explain. I think [he] will always have a problem but as long as he sticks to getting up on time he copes really well. The transformation in my son is amazing. I say good morning at 7:15am in the morning and at 7:30 I tell him it's time to get up. He does and is civil - which is the major transformation. We can talk to him and he is awake, not his old self who would tell us rudely to go away and not talk to him ... Anyway I really want to say thank you for the opportunity to take part in this program as we have learnt so much and it has changed the atmosphere in our home. The only regret is that we didn't do it years ago. I think it would have been great years ago. [His] attitude to school may have been different if he was more awake and happier.'
Mother of 14-year old boy who use to fall asleep at 2am on school nights.
May 2007

'Just a quick note to thank you for all your help, time, advice and ears. It certainly has been beneficial to not only [her] but our whole family. The questionnaire that both [her] and I filled in was at times a little hard to answer as there was not a lot of leway between answers, that is because we both feel there has been such an improvement in [her] whole attitude about sleeping, a positive one I might add.'
Mother of 7-year old girl who needed mum to fall asleep.

'I have no more silly thoughts [during the night] any more'
9-year old boy
Aug 2006

'Hi Michael. I'm going very good with my sleeping. Waking up early. C-YA'
10-year old girl
Sep 2006

'Just wanted to let you know that [she] has successfully been on her school camp with no issues which is just terrific!! Thank you again for all of your hard work and help with this I really appreciate it.'
Mother of 10-year old girl who use to sleep in her parent's room
Nov 2006