This combined degree will bring two independent three year degrees together to allow completion in four years. Psychology is a fundamental component in Criminology. Combining psychology with criminology will provide a broader theoretical knowledge and applied skills to understand the meaning of crime.  

This distinctive degree combination will provide students with the core knowledge of psychological theory and research regarding the factors influencing human behaviour and experience, and will provide skills for the application of this knowledge to issues in the real world.

Students will learn the causes, processes, and consequences of crime with a strong psychological theories and practice, which lead to developing strategies for controlling and preventing crime. These knowledge and skills are related to policy development, community corrections, criminal justice system, policing and security, and related fields.

This combined degree meets the accreditation requirements of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).

What you will study

The Bachelor of Psychological Science component of the course comprises psychology topics which cover fields such as learning, emotions, mental health, cognitive processes, personality, development across the lifespan, social influences, group processes and biological influences on behaviour.

The Bachelor of Criminology component of the course comprises business topics which cover fields such as crime and criminology, law in Australian Society, Criminal Justice System, Punishment and Society, Criminal Law in Context, Policing and Society, reconciliation and indigenous knowledge, violent crime, crimes against populations, forensic science, terrorism and society in modern Europe, crime law and trauma, psychology, crime and the law.

Course Rule for Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology

Why study Bachelor Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology?

Students graduating from this combined degree will be eligible for Honours in both Psychology and/or Criminology. Students will receive two separate parchments at Graduation, namely Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Criminology.

Career opportunities for the combined degree include Community corrections, family services, government agencies (customs and immigration officer), state and federal police, security and intelligence agencies, research and policy development (policy writer, offender treatment programs), community services, family services, Family Law Case Worker, drug and alcohol support services worker, private security and consultative industries (security analyst, crime analyst), youth justice, Child Protection Case Worker, courts and justice services, Juvenile Justice Officer, mediation services, Civilian Positions in Law, Counsellor, victim support officer, and investigator. Some job advertisements from the government departments (e.g., Department of Corrections, Community Probation Service and the Prison Service) recently indicate that a combination of Criminology and Psychology is highly desirable.


How to apply?

Applications for admissions to the Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology at Flinders will be processed via the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC), SATAC code: 224941

Study Plan Template

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology 2018 Study template  2018 Study Template BPS/CRM (PDF 986KB) Further information about admission requirements can be obtained from admissions@flinders.edu.au