From Semester 1 2015 The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (with Qualifying Topic) will be replaced by the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry)

The Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) is a major in psychology for students who hold a basic degree in another discipline. Some people complete it to enhance their understanding of human behaviour and/or their work skills; others intend to pursue further studies in psychology. The Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) is fully accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and thus entitles graduates to apply for Honours in psychology at any Australian university. It should be noted that Honours entry is competitive, and good grades are needed to gain an Honours place.

The Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) may also be suitable for graduates who have a psychology major from an overseas institution or whose psychology major was completed three or more years ago and who wish to update their psychology qualification.

The Bachelor of Psychogical Studies (Graduate Entry) in Psychology is a fee-paying course, so students might be eligible for FEE-HELP.

Students commencing the BPSGE mid-year are advised that only part-time study is possible due to the sequencing of psychology topics. Therefore minimum duration is 1.5 years part-time only study.

Admission requirements

The Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) comprises second and third year topics. Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree from an approved university. They must also meet the prerequisites for second year psychology topics by having completed one of the following within the past 7 years:

Option 1 - Flinders topics PSYC1101 and PSYC1102; or

Option 2 - Equivalent topics (e.g. entry level psychology topics) from another approved university; or

Option 3 - Qualifying topic for the Flinders University Graduate Diploma in Psychology

If you are uncertain as to whether you meet the pre-requisites please contact Tracey Quigley, School Manager on (08) 8201 2333.


Qualifying topic (QT)

The qualifying topic (QT) is designed for applicants who have not met either Option 1 or Option 2. The QT is a web-based course that can be completed off-campus.  Information is available in   Qualifying Topic_Information 2014 (PDF 35KB) . The Qualifying Topic Enrolment Form (DOC 178KB)   is also available. Enrolment in the qualifying topic is possible any time. Please contact Tracey Quigley, School Manager, on (08) 8201 2333 if you require further information.

How to apply for the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) in Psychology

Applications for the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) in Psychology at Flinders are made via the south Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC)  website: Select the 'University Postgraduate' button and follow the instructions on how to apply.

Applicants who have met the prerequisites for second level psychology by having completed Option 1 or Option 2 above should choose the " Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) (SATAC Course Code 2GD061) in their application.

Applicants who have not met the prerequisites for second level psychology (that is, those who have not completed Option 1 or Option 2 above within the last 7 years) should apply for "Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) with Qualifying Studies " (SATAC Course Code 2GD068) in their application.

Further information about admission requirements can be obtained from Tracey Quigley, School Manager, on (08) 8201 2333.

Course handbook

The  2014 Graduate Diploma in Psychology Handbook (PDF 177KB)   can be downloaded in PDF format. The information contained in the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) handbook is accurate at the time of publication (February 2016). Alterations are reflected in the course information available in the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate entry) Information page. If you would like a hard copy of the handbook please contact the Psychology Office either by email or by phone (08) 8201 2192/8201 2416.

Course rules and topic information

The University Course information page has information about postgraduate courses in psychology, including the Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Graduate Entry) Course Information page that contains course aims, topic information, course rules, and admission requirements for the Bachelor of Psycholgical Studies (Graduate Entry) in Psychology.