A career path: For students wanting to become a Registered Psychologist (PDF 373KB) for students wanting to become a Registered Psychologist.

Our Bachelor of Psychological Science enables you to undertake a nationally accredited major sequence in psychology.

It provides you with grounding in theory and practice in core areas of basic and applied psychology as well as the skills to critically evaluate psychological literature and to apply psychology knowledge to real-world problems.

Graduates are eligible to apply for accredited honours' programs in psychology and to subsequently pursue higher degree studies or supervision towards registration as a psychologist.

Study overview

The first year introduces a range of areas such as social psychology, child development, physiology, personality, intelligence, and psychological problems.

Later years build on this foundation.  In the upper years, you select from option topics that address areas such as forensic psychology, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, sleep disorders, body image, social justice and emotions.

As psychology is an evidence-based discipline, students learn throughout about how knowledge is acquired and the steps entailed in testing and communicating ideas, understanding and solving problems, and how to evaluate claims and research.

This course has been designed to maximise student choice.

Course rules and topic information

The Bachelor of Psychological Science University courses and programs page contains important information about the course aims, learning outcomes, course rules and topic information.


In addition to psychology, students select from a wide range of university offerings as elective topics, depending on their individual interests.

They can choose from areas as diverse as:

  • Social work
  • English
  • Archaeology
  • Disability studies
  • History
  • Politics
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Criminal justice
  • Environmental studies
  • Biology
  • Health
  • Business

There is also space to take extra Psychology option topics in Year 3 of the degree.

Information for prospective students

The University Course Information page site provides an overview of the course, the admission requirements for both year 12 students and non-school leavers (including most recent TER), career opportunities upon graduation, as well contacts for further information. 

How to apply

Applications for admission to the Bachelor of Psychological Science are processed through SATAC. SATAC code: 224651 

Information about admission requirements can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

Enrolment guides

The 2018 new student enrolment guide for the   2018 First Year Enrolment Guide BPS (DOCX 43KB)    can be downloaded here. You should plan according to the Bachelor of Psychological Science Course Rule.

Please refer to   2018 Study Template BPS (PDF 771KB)


Midyear enrolment

Please refer to the Bachelor of Psychological Science Mid Year Enrolment Guide 2017 (PDF 591KB)

We advise midyear entry students to spread their study over 3 and 1/2 years due to the sequencing of Psychology topics across the degree.   If you have further queries, please contact the College of Education, Pyschology and Social Work.

Combined degrees

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology