The History and International Relations staff have received the following awards/prizes:

2016 The Jill Roe Prize 

Last night, the Australian Historical Association awarded James Dunk, part of Professor Christine Winter's Future Fellowship team, the Jill Roe Prize for an unpublished essay.

2015 Accolade for Women's Advocate

Dr Anuradha Mundkur from the Gender Consortium has joined the South Australian Women's Honour Roll.

Dr Mundkur was acknowledged for long-running advocacy for gender equality and women’s empowerment at local, national and international levels, including the establishment of an Adelaide Chapter of UN Women Australia.

2015 Ferguson Prize
Winner: MN Oppenheimer (with co-author Bruce Scates) for best article published on an interwar theme, '"I intend to get justice": the Moral Economy of Soldier Settlement', Labour History no. 106, May 2014, pp. 229-253.

2015 Journal of Modern History Prize

Winner: M Fitzpatrick for 'A State of Exception?  Mass Expulsions and the German Constituional State, 1871-1914', Journal of Modern History Vol. 85, No. 4, New Directions in Legal and Constitutional History (December 2013) pp. 771-800.

2014 Carnegie Trust Centenary Professor in Scotland

ES Richards

2009 NSW Premier's Literary Prize

ES Richards