Bachelor of International Studies

International studies is more than just ‘world affairs’ or ‘globalisation’.  It goes well beyond the news headlines to explore how societies and their different systems of government interact, in ways that define the world in which we live and our daily lives.  International Studies provides knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.

The Bachelor of International Studies draws on a broad range of recognised expertise from a range of scholarly disciplines including security; Asian, American and development studies respectively; international relations; history; and languages.

This specialist program is designed to provide you with skills, knowledge and concepts to help prepare you for a career in organisations with an international or intercultural focus.  You will gain an understanding of key political, social, economic, strategic and cultural relationships within the global community and patterns of interaction such as foreign policy and diplomacy.  Australia’s place and role within Asia and the world is studied, and you will be given an insight into societies, cultures and alternative systems of governance that are of particular significance to Australia.  You will study the international movement of people – as immigrants, refugees, workers, students, tourists and investors – and the impact that globalisation has on contemporary life.  Languages other than English and cross-disciplinary approaches to international studies also form part of the program.

Osama vs Obama. Has killing Osama bin Laden made the United States and the world more secure? Hear arguments from members of our International Studies program and from our Laws and Legal Practice program at Flinders University open day in 2011.

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