Staff research interests


American Studies

American politics and political science
Comparative Australian, Canadian and American politics
Nineteenth century American political history
American intellectual history
 Professor Don DeBats
Contemporary histories of the United States, particularly abortion politics
Second wave feminism
Histories of conservatisms, and broader issues of social movement activism
 Dr Prudence Flowers

Asian Studies

Southeast Asian studies
Southeast Asian politics
Indonesian local politics
Comparative politics
 Dr Priyambudi Sulistiyanto

Development Studies

Gender equity
Community development
Policy development
Primary health care
Respectful partnerships across difference
 Ms Cara Ellickson
Gender and colonialism
Social construction of whiteness
Critical theory
Feminist theory and methodology
Third world studies
Historical sociology
Cultural studies
 A/Professor Jane Haggis
Gender equity and mainstreaming
Good governance
Information technology for development
 Dr Anuradha Mundkur
Human geography (nationalism, identity, gender)
International development (theories of development, postcolonial theories, gender and development, poverty reduction, ICTs)
Ethnicity and race studies (constructions of racial and ethnic identities, identity constructions of refugees and migrants)
 Professor Susanne Schech


Comparative imperialism
Germany history, culture and politics
European history
History of 'Great Power' involvement in the Middle East
History of ideas
 A/Professor Matthew Fitzpatrick
Australian social-political-religious history
Water history and poicy (Australia and internationally comparative)
Colonisation and colonial government (especially South Australia)
Wartime industry and employment policies
National Security Regulation
 Dr Carol Fort
Histories of the reproductive technologies and reproductive politics
Histories of body
Histories of feminism
Race relations in Australia
Film history in Australia
Italian immigration to Australia and Italians in Australia
 Dr Catherine Kevin
Russian and Soviet history
Modern history and politics of India
The role of the bourgeoisie in historical development
The role of the state in economic development; the transition from state-controlled to market economies; and the effects of globalisation on national states
A/Professor David Lockwood
Modern European history, in particular
Spanish Civil War
Modern and contemporary German (including East Germany) history
Australian exploration
The German presence in Australia
 A/Professor Peter Monteath

European imperial expansion and decolonisation,
British imperial, colonial, foreign and military policy, c. 1870-1960
Social, political and cultural change in countries in the Near East (south-eastern Europe and Middle East)
Imperial encounter
War and society
National minorities
Terrorism and society
Genocide and ethnic cleansing
Refugees and displacement
Human rights history
History and memory
conflict and reconciliation in divided societies
History curriculum studies
Moving (film) and still image and history
Literature (Cypriot, Turkish and Greek Literature)

 Dr Andrekos Varnava

International Relations

Japanese history and society
Chinese political economy
 A/Professor Curt Andressen
Singapore history, politics and society
Malaysian history, politics and society
Religious and ethnic nationalism, especially in Asia
Religion, politics and international relations
 A/Professor Michael Barr

Australian foreign policy
Australian defence policy
US foreign policy
Defence procurement

 Dr Maryanne Kelton
International relations and political theory
Human rights
 A/Professor Anthony Langlois
African politics (general)
Southern Africa
African studies in Australia
Australian foreign policy toward Africa
Gender issues
 Dr Tanya Lyons
Chinese political economy
Asian political economy
Asian regionalism
 Dr Michael Sullivan