Awarded by Government

Geoff Anderson Award

Prize 1 - awarded to the student with the highest percentage mark in topic POLI2002 Government, Business and Society ($750).

Prize winners:

  • 2015 Declan Overton

    Prize 2 - awarded to the student with the highest percentage mark in topic POLI 3010 Advanced Perspectives in Public Policy ($750).

Prize winners:

  • 2015 Kym Tidswell and Grace Hill

The Institute of Public Administration Australia Prizes

Prize 1 - awarded to the best student in topic POLI2011 Australian Public Policy: Applications, Issues and Dilemmas ($150).

Recent prize winners:

  • 2015 Diana Piantedas
  • 2014 Alice Leahy
  • 2013 Bia Delaney, Jemma Slevec
  • 2012 John James McMmahon
  • 2011 Stephen Brampton, Rebekah Huppatz

    Prize 2 - awarded to the best student of the Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management completing a masters degree within the Graduate Program in Public Administration ($200).

Recent prize winners:

  • 2014 Mark Hubbard
  • 2013 Bernadette McCann
  • 2012 Georgina Suan Cope
  • 2011 Muara Nur Malinda

Michael Wills Prize in Politics

Awarded to the student who achieves the best overall result in any two first-years topics which satisfy first level requirements of the major sequence in Political Studies ($100).

Recent prize winners:

  • 2015 Simon Jenkins
  • 2014 Sarah Flynn, Adrian Bickle
  • 2013 Ira Herbold
  • 2012 Sian Elenya Troat
  • 2011 John McMahon

The Bill Brugger Prize

Awarded to the best student completing honours in Politics, Public Policy or International Relations.

Value $500

Recent prize winners:

  • 2015 Leigh Hill, Sian Troath
  • 2014 Adam Ridley
  • 2013 Zachary Rogers
  • 2012 Jakob Braunack-Mayer, Adele Lausberg
  • 2011 Eddie Eyers

The Bachelor of International Relations Prize

Awarded on academic merit to the best student, admitted to the Bachelor of International Relations, completing INTR1006 International Relations: An Introduction.

Value $150

In the event that more than one recipient is judged to be of sufficient merit to receive the prize, the prize shall be shared equally.

More information?

For more information, refer to the register of prize recipients awarded by Flinders University.