Our research is fundamentally shaped by a commitment to social justice and to transformation of the social and political world. We each view and pursue this through the lens of our particular area of research specialty.

Our staff have a broad range of research interests and specialty, across the spectrum of political science and international affairs. Research collaborations with industry, government and the community contribute to creating a stimulating research environment.

Our focus areas of research activity within the discipline are listed below.

Political Commentary

Our team of experts on local, state, federal and international politics are regular providers of political commentary to newspapers, radio, television, political websites, as well as peer-reviewed international journals on important political issues.

International Affairs, Security and Conflict

Our researchers work on Australian foreign policy, human rights and democratisation, global energy politics, international trade, global dynamics of security and insecurity, gender politics and security.

Public Policy for Social and Child Welfare


Our staff are leaders of a multidisciplinary team that has focussed over the last decade on important policy and program initiatives, research projects and public sector engagement on social welfare and child welfare. Our research work and findings has produced major new insights into child welfare, successful programs and initiatives that target improved family welfare, and understanding of children's concerns and priorities in relation to their wellbeing.

Fulbright Flinders University Distinguished Chair in American Political Science

Flinders University was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Distinguished Chair in American Political Science by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission in late 2009. The Program provides a unique opportunity to undertake collaborative research into key political issues and related studies of importance to both Australia and the United States, for four to five months each year.

Research Centre

The Centre for US and Asia Policy Studies (CUSAPS) provides a collaborative space for high quality, accessible research on policy issues between Australia, the US and Asia. It is well positioned to engage with the Asian century and its implications for Australia and other global players.